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Time Management for Moms


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Who Has Time to Cook and Clean?
Time Management for Moms
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As if taming tantrums, changing diapers and coaxing the kids down from the ceiling fan aren't enough on your plate, you have to cook and clean too. Stop feeling like you always have a frying pan in one hand and a mop in the other.

Housekeeping Tips for Busy Parents

What do the Brady Bunch, the Jeffersons and the Jetsons have in common? They all have live-in maids. And they're all fictional families. In reality, there's you. But you don't have to act as your family's maid. Use simple housekeeping tips to evict the dust bunnies while saving time on household chores. No maid uniform required!

Clean the House in 20 Minutes

Take the 20 minute challenge to get your house ready for company. The kids aren't exempt, either. The tiniest hands can get involved to save you even more time. Grab the stopwatch and let's go.

Save Time at the Grocery Store

You can probably recite your family's typical menu from memory. Use those regular meals to create a grocery shopping list that's always ready to go. You'll save time from writing the same grocery lists over and over again. Plus, you'll be able to spot a sale on your family's favorites and you'll know exactly what ingredients your recipes require.

Spend Less Time on Food Prep

Cut down your time cruising down the grocery store aisles for tonight's dinner. Keep your kitchen pantry stocked to save time and money. With the right staples on hand, you're ready to whip up almost anything in no time.
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