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How Moms Can Save Time

Save Time and Make the Most of Your Day


What mom doesn't want to save time? Pinpoint what's eating into your schedule and eliminate the feeling that you're always on the go. You might even discover some "me" time to enjoy.

Track Activities to Save Time

Finding extra minutes is hard when you're not sure where they're going in the first place. Track your day to target those time wasters that are sucking those precious seconds out of your schedule. A simple KIDS approach will help you spot those time-hungry activities.

Time Household Chores

Even clean freaks can't spend every waking moment with a mop in one hand and a feather duster in the other. Time your household chores to give yourself a break and get the family involved. You'll save time and your house will still be clean.

Take a New Approach to Save Time

Once you know where your minutes are going, you can take a new approach to help you save time. Working on your family's routine, delegating chores and scheduling downtime for yourself are crucial to a time management strategy that works.

Save Time With a Solid Plan

Feeling like the clock hands are spinning out of control is no way to go about your day. Create a time management plan that puts you in charge of every minute.

You're not trying to micromanage your family's schedule. You're simply identifying your day's priorities and setting realistic goals to stop time from bullying you from morning to night.
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