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Conversation Starters for Couples

10 Fun Things to Talk About With Your Spouse


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Has the conversation with your spouse hit a lull? Add substance to your talks with some easy conversation starters.

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With kids hogging most of your talk time, sometimes it can be a struggle to think of fun things to talk about with your spouse. No problem. Just try one of these conversation starters for couples to help you two connect every day.


From today's top stories to the weird news, current events can be excellent conversation starters for couples. Spend a few minutes checking out what's going on in the world and you'll have plenty to talk about tonight.

Date Night Ideas

You probably can't skip out the door together like you used to but you can still talk about your upcoming date nights. Discuss the places you would like to go and see if your significant other is up for it when your next date night rolls around. And it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. There are plenty of cheap date ideas you can try. There are also many great things couples can do together that don't even have you leaving the house either.


There may have been a time when you two could jet off with your only worry being about which bikini to wear when you got there. Now you have kids, more responsibilities and maybe even less money in your family budget. It takes a great effort from both of you to balance your children and married life. That doesn't mean you can't talk about the places you would like to see some day. Reminisce about your old trips and talk about the places you've yet to visit.

Future plans

The kids won't be little forever. They won't live at home forever either. Some day they'll be out of the house. For better or for worse, you and your spouse will have each other back. Discuss your future plans now. You don't have to put them in writing but it's fun conversation starter to talk about what you would like to do in 15 or 20 years when it's just the two of you. Maybe a move to the beach, a smaller home in the valley or a cruise around the world. Dreaming together is half the fun of being together.

Old Times

Relive the good old days together. Talk about your first date with each other. Your first kiss. How about when you both found out you were going to have your first baby? Take a trip down memory lane. Not only is it a great conversation starter, it's also one of those warm, fuzzy moments that reminds you two why you're a perfect couple.

Growing Up

Unless you and your spouse grew up together, you can't possibly know everything there is to know about each other's childhood. Talk about your favorite field trip, what your third grade teacher was like, who your best friend was, that school play you were in and even those awkward teen years. Even after all these years together, there's still plenty your significant other doesn't know about your childhood.

TV & Movies

Did you catch that trailer for the new comedy flick? There's a new TV drama coming on this season that seems to be something you two would watch. Of course, you remember the first movie you saw together. Talk about TV and movies to see if there's something coming on that could give you some extra time together. And after you watch it, talk about!


Your game selection these days may be limited to Candyland and Chutes and Ladders but what did you used to enjoy playing? Were you a Scrabble word nerd? Did you always solve the perfect crime when you played Clue? Or maybe your spouse loves to splatter zombies on his favorite Xbox game. Find your common ground and talk about the games you liked playing as a kid, what you've played in the past and what you like to play now. He may go all super-sleuth on you and challenge you to a game of Clue. You may find you're a better zombie slayer than his buds.


Ugh, football. Not that conversation again. Talking about sports may not be your thing but there's nothing wrong with giving it a try. You don't have to know who the quarterback is for the Dallas Cowboys to listen. Hear what he has to say. Watch him as he talks to you. You never know what will come out of a sports talk with your spouse. And he may just convert you into a fan after all.

Hobbies and Interests

If the sports talk wasn't for you, don't sweat it. But it's his turn to listen now. Declare your love of all things decoupage and tell him all about it. Of course, he has hobbies and interests outside of sports so take turns talking about what you love and what you would like to try. As for that love of decoupage, who knows? He may ask you to decoupage his office's lampshade with Dallas Cowboys pictures. Now there are two worlds colliding thanks to those conversation starters.
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