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Stay-at-Home Moms: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
101 Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids
Stumped on lunch ideas for kids? These 101 fun lunch ideas add variety to your kids' lunches and each item on the menu has a recipe to follow. Page 2.
Best Wooden Swing Sets
The best wooden swing sets don't have to cost a fortune. These wooden swing sets are the ones that have a reputation for stellar quality at $1,000 or less.
10 Easter Traditions to Start With Your Family
A new dress. A chocolate bunny. Fuzzy chicks. We all have our favorite memories of Easter but what about Easter traditions our family can enjoy for years to come? These 10 traditions make Easter even more special and will be enjoyed generation after generation.
How to Find Phone Sex Employment
Many moms are turning to phone sex employment as a way to supplement their income. Learn more about this job you can do from home to see if it's right for you.
12 Free Ways to Enjoy Fun All Summer Long
Find a free summer program for kids that keeps them entertained until school starts. These 12 programs offer plenty of choices based on your children's personal interests.
10 Reasons to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom
On the fence about becoming a stay-at-home mom? These 10 reasons will swing you to the stay-at-home side of parenthood.
20 Educational Websites for Kids
Discover 20 of the best educational websites for kids. Let your children learn about everything from anatomy to phonics with these free and fun websites that focus on learning.
Find Out if the Zumba Exhilarate Workout is...
The 7-DVD Zumba Exhilarate set is put to the test. See calories burned, pros and cons and more in this in-depth review that tested the products over several months.
9 Girls' Night in Ideas For Easy Indulgence at...
Girls Night In isn't just for single gals. Bring the fun of Girls Night Out to your home with these Girls Night In ideas.
Where to Donate Toys
Donate toys to get rid of your unwanted clutter while making other children happy. Find 10 places that will put your donated toys to good use.
Should I Have a Second Baby?
Wondering if you should have a second baby? Ask yourself these 10 questions to make a decision that's right for your family.
Options for Kids' Summer Camps
What types of kids' summer camps are available? From academic camps to theme camps and every camp in between, see all the options for kids' summer camps so you can find the right camp based on your child's interests.
Explore World Cultures With Your Kids
Take your child on a global journey to discover world cultures. These fun activities enrich their awareness of world cultures without you ever leaving your home.
NBC's Parenthood Cast
The Parenthood TV show on NBC has more than 15 characters. Keep up with them all with this character list, complete with bios and fast facts about each one of them.
12 Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate Spring
The spring season is a welcome sight for parents and kids itching to go outside. As the snow and cold temperatures trade places with sunshine and warm weather, enjoy the spring season with fun activities the whole family can do together.
Midwest Travel for Families
Ohio for kids includes a trip to a far away safari, down below Lake Erie or everywhere in between. Find your next Ohio travel destination that's fun for the whole family. Page 11.
Is Mom's Day Out Right for You?
Mom's Day Out programs can give you a much-needed break as a stay-at-home mom. Get past the guilt and your fears to find out if Mother's Day Out is right for you and your children.
Tantowel Review
Tantowel is a sunless tanning product you've probably seen on TV. Before you buy a pack, read a review of the Tantowel towelettes that includes before and after pictures.
From Working Mom to Stay-at-Home Mom
Transitioning from working mom to stay-at-home mom is a life-changing decision. Before you quit your job to become a SAHM, weigh these five factors to see if becoming a stay-at-home mom will work for your family.
How to Stay Happy as an At-Home Mom
A stay-at-home mom experiences a range of emotions, from being happy one minute to feeling guilty the next. Take care of your emotional well-being every day to be a happy stay at home mom no matter what challenges you face.
Throw an Inexpensive Party for Kids
The costs of parties can make your budget burn hotter than candles on a cake. Throw an inexpensive party for kids that's fun, memorable and inexpensive.
How to Teach a Child to Write His Name
Teach a child to write his name with four ideas that make learning fun. When you teach a child to write, you're helping him develop his fine motor skills as well as preparing him for school.
Housekeeping Tips for Busy Parents
Simple housekeeping tips help you stay ahead of those daily messes without turning you into the house maid. Keep any home clean with these five easy housekeeping tips.
Easter Craft Ideas
Fun Easter craft ideas that are super easy. Make everything from fingerprint crafts to Easter cards for friends and family.
Rewards for Students
Get freebies for good grades. Many companies hand out rewards for students that give kids everything from pizza to movie rentals.
Mom Commercials
The top 15 mom commercials from around the world are hilarious and even true to life. Have a good laugh at these ads that every mom can relate to.
Kiss Nails Review
Kiss Nails is one of the most talked about artificial nail products on the market. But is it a good product? Spend a week with a mom wearing Kiss Nails in her normal routine.
Sarah Ramos as Haddie Braverman
Sarah Ramos plays Haddie Braverman, Adam and Kristina's teenage daughter.
Gazillion Bubbles
The Gazillion Bubble Machine has been put to the test for three years. In this review, find out the pros and cons of this bubble machine to find out if it's something you should purchase for your kids.
Host a Perfect Play Date
Host a play date that's fun for everyone and easy on you. Plan your play date in 10 simple steps that reduce your stress and guarantee your play date is a success.
Nature Activities Children Will Love
From curious toddlers to school-age adventurers, these nature activities will turn your children into nature lovers. Get ready to spend lots of time with your kids and Mother Nature.
House Cleaning Schedule
Get a house cleaning schedule that's perfect for busy families. You don't even have to clean every day with this easy-to-follow cleaning schedule.
101 Blog Content Ideas for Moms
Stumped on blog content ideas? Keep those creative juices flowing with 101 great blog content ideas for moms.
InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer
Hauling the kids around in a bike trailer gives you some exercise and gets all of you out of the house. The InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer is an affordable option with many features, including a quick conversion to a double stroller.
What Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Do?
Who is the woman behind the stay-at-home mom title? Stay-at-home moms have many different roles to fulfill to keep their household running smoothly.
Start Living on a Budget Today
Living on a budget helps you manage your money more effectively. But you don't have to scrimp and save every penny to make smart money decisions. Make living on a budget easy for you and your family while taking charge of your finances.
10 Things to Do as a Family Every Day
Families are pulled in so many different directions these days. But there are 10 things to do as a family every day to strengthen your bond and make the most of your time together.
Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops
Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops are free clinics for kids. The home improvement store provides the materials and tools and the kids get to build something unique for free.
Paper Plate Bunny
Create an adorable paper plate bunny. Whether you're getting your kids ready for Easter or they're just fans of rabbits, this project is simple, cute and fun.
How to Create a Website With Your Kids
Learn how to create a website with your kids regardless of their age. These tips show you how to create a website that helps your children express their creativity, improve their writing skills and take their interests and hobbies to the next level.
Things to Do in April with Your Family
The seasons have changed and children everywhere are emerging into the great outdoors. Find things to do in April with your family on those sunny days as well as the days when April showers force you indoors.
How much should I spend on kids' birthday party...
With as many friends as your child has, the cost of kids' birthday party gifts can add up fast. Find out how much you should spend on gifts and how to save money too.
Day and Weekend Trips in the Southwest
Texas travel can be a family's dream destination. You won't run out of things to do in the Lone Star State anytime soon. Page 6.
12 Ways to Lower Summer Camp Costs for Kids
Summer camps for kids are a fun escape for them and an account-draining reality for parents. Affordable summer camps for kids are possible with simple tactics that give you more control over the price.
Why It's Important for Children to Play by...
Children should play by themselves for a number of reasons. See why your children should engage in independent play.
GroVia Diapers Review
GroVia's cloth diapering system is simple and effective. There are pros and cons to this cloth diaper, though. Learn more in an in-depth review.
Day and Weekend Vacations in the Southeast
Travel a short distance to South Carolina and you can journey from the mountains to the ocean in just a few miles. Find South Carolina travel destinations for your trip to the Palmetto State. Page 10.
How to Cut Kids' Hair
Cut your kids' hair yourself to save time and money. These tips and tricks will turn you into a hairmaster in your own home.
What are Mommy Wars?
The definition of Mommy Wars continues to change. See how the term has evolved and find out how it's being used today.
Learning Activities That Are Fun
Fun is the key to learning activities that keep your children's focus. These learning activities for preschoolers and school-age children take the pressure off so your kids can learn everything from their ABCs to cultures in other worlds.
Kids' Live Shows
Characters step off the screen and onto the stage in kids' live shows. The current list of kids' live shows helps you decide which ones to attend.
How to Lower Your Cable Bill
Lower your cable rate and stop paying more than everyone else. Try these seven strategies to reduce your bill today.
Gardening Projects for Children of All Ages
Gardening with kids is more than just planting a seed in the ground. You're planting life lessons as you and your kids garden together. Grow your family memories one seed at a time with these gardening projects for children of all ages.
Bubbles Recipe
Make them glow. Make them colorful. Pick your bubbles recipe from 5 easy and cheap methods to make your own bubble solution at home.
Turn Your Recipes into a Ready-to-Go Grocery...
The same meals usually end up on your family's grocery shopping list. Save time and money with an easy grocery shopping list that's always ready to go.
Teaching Math to Kids
Think outside of the classroom to start teaching math to your kids. These fun strategies for teaching math cover preschoolers up to school-age children.
Best Sunless Tanning Towelettes
Sunless tanning towelettes are a simple, convenient way to get a tan fast. These brands of sunless tanning towelettes are the best sunless tanning towelettes you can find today.
Preschool Field Trips
Preschoolers are made for fun field trips. This list of age-appropriate field trips gives you plenty of options when planning your preschooler's next outing.
Best Bottom Diapers Review
See how Best Bottom diapers stand up to months of daily use. Read an unbiased review to find out if the Best Bottom diapering system is a good value for your family's money.
How to Organize Your Home
You want to know how to organize your home but the best intentions of actually getting it done are hampered by the ever-growing piles of toys, lumps of clothes and junk in general that's taking over your house. Conquer the clutter today. Work room by room to organize your home.
Make Your Own Board Game for the Kids
Take fun into a new dimension when you ditch traditional board games and make a life-size one with your kids. Learn how to make your own board game from scratch.
Elementary Field Trips
Elementary school students count down the days to field trips. Make their field trips memorable with ideas that teach them something new while they have fun with this list of field trip ideas.
Spring Chick Craft
Make a spring chick and five babies from your child's footprint. It's a fun, easy craft that makes the perfect keepsake.
Summer Camp Guide
This summer camp guide walks you through everything from types of summer camps to how to lower the costs of summer camp. Get answers to all of your summer camp questions.
A Day in the Life of a Stay-at-Home Mom
Walk in the footsteps of a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom. From sun up to sundown, see what a stay-at-home mom does all day.
Should You Buy Life Insurance for Children?
There's an ongoing debate about whether parents should buy life insurance for children. Here are five good reasons you may want to insure all of your kids.
Good Grades Rewards
You want to reward your child for doing his best in school, but you aren't sure what to give him. Pick your favorite good grades rewards from this list of 15 that show your student how proud you are of him.
We Talk With Melissa d'Arabian, Food Network's...
When stay-at-home mom Melissa d'Arabian applied to be on the Food Network's Next Food Network Star, she knew she would have to leave her role as a SAHM if she won. Melissa d'Arabian talks about her time on the Food Network and how that plays into her plans to be a stay-at-home mom. Page 3.
TV Shows About Family
TV shows about family life do still exist. See which shows center around family to escape another night watching a crime scene show or the latest reality TV craze.
Rumparooz Diapers Review
The Rumparooz brand is a popular choice among cloth diaper users. But is it the right diaper for you? Weigh the pros and cons in this in-depth product review.
Zumba Class Review
You've heard the hype surrounding Zumba class. Four Zumba classes were put to the test to see if they lived up to the promises of a fun workout that helps you sweat off the pounds.
Teaching Writing Skills to Preschoolers
When you start teaching writing to your kids, you help prepare them for school while developing their fine motor skills. Turn those scribbles into legible words when you begin teaching writing in a way that's both fun and constructive.
Encourage Your Kids to Play Alone
We love to play with our children but it's important for them to learn how to play alone. Teach them to play independently in a few easy steps.
Bunnies and Chicks Easter Art Project
Capture your children's fingerprints and turn them into a work of art. This Easter art project helps them create Easter bunnies and chicks out of their fingerprints.
How Money-Saving Moms Stretch a Paycheck
Money saving moms don't have to be in the red to want to save some green. Try these money-saving ideas for moms to stretch a paycheck without feeling a pinch in your routine.
Day and Weekend Vacations in the West
California trips include theme parks, awe-inspiring landmarks and picturesque scenery. These ideas show you the best places to visit in California with the kids. Page 3.
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School builds a lifetime of memories, friendships and a solid religious foundation for the kids who attend. Learn more about what Vacation Bible School is, experience a typical day and how to find a VBS near you.
Shannon of AnchorMommy
Shannon of AnchorMommy with her son. Page 11.
Northeast Family Vacations
Pennsylvania travelers are in for a treat because of the state's rich history as well as modern day fun. Find your next Pennsylvania travel destination with these ideas for family vacations. Page 11.
Weekend Travel Ideas for Families
Does your family only have time for day or weekend travel plans? This nationwide list of places to go, things to see and fun stuff to do covers every state in the U.S.
Indoor Activities for Kids
Staying inside today? Whether it's cold outside, rainy or you just feel like hanging out at home, keep the kids entertained with 10 activities that will make them forget they're playing indoors.
Protect Your Kids With a Last Will and Testament
A last will and testament isn't just for the rich and famous. While it's not a pleasant subject for families to discuss, a last will and testament helps parents protect their children...just in case.
Blueberry Diapers Review
How do Blueberry Diapers stand up to months of daily use? Read an unbiased review of 3 types of Blueberry Diapers to see if this cloth diaper is an option for you.
Music Classes for Babies, Toddlers and...
Music classes for babies, toddlers and school age kids expose them to rhythm exercises, instruments, singing, dancing and play through music. This overview of the most popular music programs helps you find music classes that are right for you and your kids.
Pros and Cons of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom
A lot of people think stay-at-home moms have it easy. But there are plenty of pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom.
Best Workouts for Women
Find the best workouts that fit into a woman's busy lifestyle. Burn the flab and have fun with these exercises women love.
Music Activities With Kids
Play music activities with your kids that teach them how to appreciate the wonderful world of music. They'll soon be grooving to their own tunes with a newfound love and understanding of music.
Play Date Ideas
Enjoy play date success every time with these play date ideas. You'll have more fun and the kids will too.
Matthew Van Fleet Books
Matthew Van Fleet is a New York Times bestselling children's book author who engages his readers through interactive pages. See a complete list of his books as well as complete descriptions of each one.
Balance Your Children and Married Life
For stay-at-home moms, the balance between children and married life usually shifts toward the kids. Tip the scale to keep your marriage healthy, even though the children rule your days.
What Does SAHM Mean?
You've seen the acronyms but aren't really sure what they mean. Solve the mystery of what SAHM, WAHM, WOHM and SAHD stand for.
KFC Kids' Meals
KFC' kids' meals offer variety over your typical hamburger and fries. See which meal selections have the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.
Best Kids' Backpacks
Messenger Bags are a good choice for kids who've decided their too cool to carry a backpack. Page 3.
Kids' Fast Food Facts
You're out and about, and you inevitably end up in the drive through. Before you place an order, look at the kids' fast food meals with the lowest and highest calories and fat grams.
Thumbprint Easter Bunny Card
Capture your child's fingerprint and turn it into an Easter bunny card. This quick craft is simple and
McDonald's Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals
Mention a Happy Meal to kids and they'll probably know you're talking about McDonald's. Learn which selections on the Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal menus have the highest calories and fat grams and which ones have the lowest.
Charity Events for Children and Their Parents
Kids are never too young to be involved in charitable work. From biking to walking the family pet, age-appropriate charity events for children get them involved with worthy organizations while teaching them how to be compassionate toward others.
When Mom is Sick
Taking care of kids while sick can be hard for stay-at-home moms. Here, a survival guide to keep the kids entertained when mom's not feeling well.
FuzziBunz Diapers Review
FuzziBunz has a cute name but how does the product rate? FuzziBunz diapers are put to the test over several months in this thorough review, complete with pros and cons.
Middle School Field Trips
Middle school field trips entertain and educate students at the same time. Search through this list of field trip ideas for middle schoolers that are as unique as the pre-teens you'll be taking along with you
Snoopy Party
Be creative with your Snoopy decorations for your party. You have plenty of options to make your party a hit. Page 5.
Employment Gap
An employment gap can make your journey back into the corporate world an uphill battle. Erase your employment gap to get back to the corporate world quicker.
Girls' Weekend Getaways
Ditch your obligations for a girls' weekend getaway you won't soon forget. Pick one of ten hot spots that are perfect for relaxation time with your gal pals.
Creamed Spinach Recipe
The Next Food Network Star's Melissa d'Arabian says her creamed spinach recipe is her new favorite food to make and eat. Get her creamed spinach recipe and see a picture of the food she got her four kids to devour.
How to Organize Photos
Organize photos into an easy-to-browse collection. The thousands of family pictures you've taken will be at your fingertips instead of buried somewhere on your hard drive.
Elementary School Graduation Gifts
Finishing elementary school is a big milestone in your child's life. Celebrate your child's big day with gifts that show her how proud you are of her accomplishments.
Create a Time Management Plan
Be a time fighter! Create a time management plan to stop time thieves in their tracks.
Make Money as a Secret Shopper
A secret shopper is a powerful tool for businesses to see how well their shops are living up to the company's promises. Being a secret shopper is an easy job for stay-at-home moms because you can set your own hours and select your own opportunities. You can even take your kids with you!
You Know You Do It! Should You Be Posting Your...
You know you post your kids' pics online. But should you be?
Comodynes Tanning Towelettes Review
Comodynes is a self-tanning towelette. But does it work? Read a review, see the results and decide if the Comodynes tanning towelettes are a good choice for you.
Festival Games
In charge of the festival games? These 10 games are easy to play, easy to make and will appeal to both the young and young at heart.
Spring Break Fun
Having fun during Spring Break shouldn't mean your kids spend the entire week in front of the TV or playing video games. Keep them busy with fun activities for the whole family.
Organize Your Life
It's hard to get organized with kids around. Tackle it head on with this easy guide to get every part of your life organized, from crazy days to finances, your time, home and more.
Home Depot Kids Workshops
Let the kids build a fun project at no cost to you. Materials and tools are free, and the kids get to bring home wooden projects they built themselves.
High School Field Trips
Arrange high school field trips that show students a good time and can also educate them on various types of businesses and their functions. This list shows you what students will gain from the field trips and who to contact to schedule a tour.
Field Trip Ideas
Get field trip ideas for everyone from preschoolers to high school students. Whether you're looking for a fun field trip or something educational, these outings outside of the classroom will give students a unique experience they won't soon forget.
Cloth Diapers Reviews
Put cloth diapers to the test with reviews written from personal experience. Read up on the pros and cons of cloth diaper brands to find the right fit for your family's budget and needs.
New York Sales Tax Exemptions
New York is now sales tax free all year. Certain limits apply in New York City for tax exempt clothing and footwear.
Flashlight Games
Play flashlight games indoors or out any time of the year. This list of flashlight games also has descriptions and rules of play.
Free School Supplies
Free school supplies can save you from spending a small fortune on getting your child ready for school. But you have to know where to look to find the supplies that are 100% free.
The Baby Chick Kids' Easter Card
Create a kids' Easter card out of your child's fingerprint. In a few easy steps, you'll make a baby chick Easter card.
Make a Home Weather Station
A home weather station can provide hours of fun and learning time with your kids. See what your home weather station needs to get up and running today.
Stop Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry often spells w-a-r and it's hard on mom and dad when the kids fight. Stop sibling rivalry spats with 10 easy strategies.
Time Management for Moms
Cleaning the house. Cooking for the family. Grocery shopping. Save time on all of your daily activities. Page 3.
Summer Adventure Camp
Adventure camps take kids beyond the general camp experience. Find out what adventure camp is like, which ages it's best suited for and how much you can expect to pay for your child to attend.
Easy Meal Planning
Easily plan meals for all of your family. From breakfast to dinner, save time and money with a meal plan that works for you and your children.
How to Stock Your Kitchen Pantry
A well-stocked kitchen pantry helps you cook faster and save money. These kitchen pantry staples help you look like a master chef without forcing you to spend all day in the kitchen.
Stop Being a Bored Mom
The repetition of a mom's life can sometimes make you feel bored. Kick the mommy boredom to the curb.
Conversation Starters for Couples
Skip the lull in your conversations. These conversation starters for couples give you plenty of things to talk about with your significant other.
Mom's Day Out
Moms need a day out away from the kids and that's why Mom's Day Out programs in your area may be a good choice. Find out more about Mom's Day Out programs and their purpose.
The Wave by The FIRM Review
The Wave by the FIRM is a total body workout system. The product has been seen in TV ads and online, but is The Wave by The FIRM worth your investment in time, money and sweat?
Do Stay-at-Home Moms Need a Life Insurance...
A life insurance policy isn't just for the moneymaker in the house. Stay-at-home moms should consider a life insurance policy too. Find out why a paycheck isn't necessary to make a mom's loss impact the family financially.
Phonics Activities for Kids
Step away from the boring phonics exercises. Make phonics fun with activities that inspire your kids, encourage them to be creative and prepare them for reading readiness.
Winter Fun for Kids
Don't hide under the covers. There's plenty of winter fun for kids to keep all of you entertained until the spring thaw.
How to Save Money on Groceries
Buying groceries isn't cheap. But all you need are some easy, money-saving tips to cut your grocery bill in half.
Creative Outdoor Painting for Kids
Outdoor painting for kids doesn't have to stop at finger painting. Put the kids' creativity to the ultimate test. Let them paint on a giant canvas outside for hours of outdoor painting fun.
Sonic Kids' Meals
Sonic calls itself America's drive-in, but do you know what you're getting inside the kids' meal sack when a carhop brings you your food? Discover the items with the highest and lowest amount of calories and fat grams on Sonic's kids' menu.
Field Trip Safety
Keep kids safe when they go on field trips. Follow field trip safety rules that keep parents happy, teachers informed and children protected.
Bad Habits of Stay-at-Home Moms
Break your bad stay-at-home mom habits today. Shed these five habits instantly.
Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Wash Their Hands
Get your kids to wash their hands. These 5 fun ways make hand washing fun.
Bounce Houses on a Budget
Inflate a bounce house and your kids will instantly be pumped up for several hours of fun. Find the best bounce houses under $500 to bring that fun to your own backyard.
Teaching Games for Every Subject
Teaching games combine learning and fun to get your kids excited about new subjects. From preschoolers to school-age children, lessons become big fun with one of our family's favorite teaching games.
Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids of All Ages
Have a Dr. Seuss kind of day with activities for your kids that are as unforgettable as the books themselves. These Dr. Seuss activities open up your child's imagination and bring the wildly, weirdly, adorable, addictive books to life.
Hardee's Kids' Meals
Hardee's has some alarming numbers associated with its kids' meals. With only three entrees to choose from, find out which of the three is loaded with calories and fat grams and which one is the wiser choice if you're stopping by this fast food restaurant.
Things to Do in May with Your Family
Find fun things to do in May with your kids. This list of activities contains crafts, ideas for play and learning opportunities.
Melissa d'Arabian Pursues Her Own Food Network...
Having your own food network show may be a dream to most wannabe chefs but The Next Food Network Star's Melissa d'Arabian pursued her dream. She talks about her time in front of the camera and behind the scenes. In this audio interview, she also discusses her life as a stay-at-home mom and what type of cooking show she'd like to host.
Things Couples Can Do Together
Stumped on what to do? Find more than a dozen great things couples can do together.
Dax Shepard as Crosby Braverman
Dax Shepard stars as Crosby Braverman on Parenthood.
Cool Gifts for Everyone on Your List
Who doesn't want to be remembered as the one who bought cool gifts for the baby, tween, mom, dog or whoever else is on your shopping list? Give cool gifts to everyone you need to shop for, no matter what the occasion.

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