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Get Rid of Sheryl Underwood

Reader Reviews: CBS' The Talk Reviews

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By Lynn Thompson

What would you change about the show? 

Please, Please get rid of Sheryl Underwood. She takes over the whole show and ruins it. Bring back Leah and Holly. Won't watch it again.

How many times a week do you think you'll tune in? 


My Review 

Can't stand Sheryl Underwood. She's mouthy and doesn't let anybody else have a say. She rude and crude. The show was so enjoyable when Leah and Holly were on. I stopped watching it for a while. Decided today to give it another try. This will be my last try. I will not under any circumstances watch it again as long as Sheryl Underwood is on. She is so grating. She never let's anybody have their say. She tries to make the shows all about her. From what I understand it is not about her. It used to be a very informative show but not anymore. Leah and Holly were good they let everybody have their opinion and they were funny as well.

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