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Reader Reviews: CBS' The Talk Reviews

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By Lori

What topics would you like to see the show take on? 

Current topics of the day/hot topics of the day and also, a little politics is fine, as long as it pertains to how policies affect the family. And any subject that is fun. We need laughs!

What would you change about the show? 

BRING BACK LEAH AND HOLLY! What was CBS thinking? Clearly, they were not thinking!

How many times a week do you think you'll tune in? 


My Review 

I watched the show through last Friday trying to make myself like it. But I just can't do it. It is so boring now. Last season, everyday when the show would start, people in the audience used to shout out how they loved this host or that host, mostly for Leah, Holly and Sharon. But now, you don't hear the audience shouting out their love for the hosts. Leah and Holly contributed so much to this show. It used to be so funny. Guaranteed belly laughs everyday. Leah and Holly were able to be serious...sharing many aspects of their own lives. And, they were also able to be verbally and physically funny. Their reenactments were hilarious. Leah brought out the best in Sara. Sara was even funny when Leah and Holly were on the show but now she is very boring. And Mrs. O...I love her. She is often confused about the subject being discussed or about who someone is, especially when they are talking about other stars. But, it is funny that she is in the dark so often. It was their ongoing joke. Plus, you can count on her to tell it like it is. I love her. Even Julie was starting to come to life instead of always being so boring and robotic. Now, she tries too hard to be funny and she laughs at everything that Sheryl says whether it is that funny or not. Most of the time when she laughs, she tries to hide it behind her cards, probably because she is being fake with her laugh. By the way, Sheryl uses too much sexual innuendo when making her jokes. That gets old fast. Molly, I loved her on SNL, but as a talk show host, she just does not have it. She is on the boring side. So is Sheryl. These new hosts are not good when they are not speaking scripted lines as they do when doing their comedy routines. They aren't off the cuff funny like Leah and Holly. They didn't need a script to be funny. They have a very quick wit. And PLEASE, PLEASE save us from having to put up with another Kardashian. I am so sick of hearing about momma Kardashian and her kids. And now that Sharon is taking a lot of time off from the show, the next three weeks will be even worse. I took the show off of my recorder. Recording it now is just wasting space. I might check back in three weeks when Mrs. O comes back. But until then, I have no reason to watch. Oh, and not even mentioning Leah and Holly at the beginning of this season was a slap in the face, not only to them but to the viewing audience. So many of us were very offended by that.

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