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A Realistic View of American Families

Reader Reviews: Parenthood Show Reviews

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By Sue Robbins

A Realistic View of American Families

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My Review 

I LOVE this program... finally, a realistic view on how the average American family lives. The writing is excellent, and the cast is perfect. I cannot wait for season two to start, this is my favorite TV show this year, bar none, and the season hasn't started...I find myself actually caring about these people...maybe I see some on my family there...

Which storylines relate most to your family life? 

The interaction between generations and genders.

What storylines would you like to see the show take on? 

I'm sure the writers of this show have better ideas than I do...

What would you change about the show? 

Not one thing

How many episodes have you watched? 

Wouldn't miss an episode

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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