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Can't Get Enough

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By Sarah B.

Can't Get Enough

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My Review 

I can't get enough of this show. The storyline and characters are wonderful. It's addictive, I don't miss an episode! I really enjoy the family aspect and the different storylines that all tie into each other. There are too many of the same shows on TV right now and they all fade away in comparison to Parenthood. If you haven't seen Parenthood, I highly recommend watching the entire first season before the second one starts. You won't be disappointed.

Which storylines relate most to your family life? 

None, which is why it's so interesting to me.

What storylines would you like to see the show take on? 

Peer pressure, not just kids, adults as well.

What would you change about the show? 


How many episodes have you watched? 

Wouldn't miss an episode

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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