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Share Your Story: Moms on Twitter

By tothinkistocreate


My Twitter username


How often I update my Twitter status

Daily, if not several times a day

Subjects I tweet that I wouldn't discuss in person

None, really. I tweet about professional and personal things, about writing, parenting, life, etc.

The most memorable tweet I sent or received

I sent:

I prefer "spontaneous and unpredictable" to "totally unorganized and banshee-like in her chaos". At least when describing myself.

How Twitter has helped me as a mom

The wealth of resources I've found through folks on Twitter, the community of people that have become my friends and supported me through tragedy, the breaking news before anywhere else -- it all combines to be one of the most useful tools I have as a mom.

What I have learned from other moms on Twitter

Everything from practical ideas for the home and family to skills for becoming a better writer. It's all there, information at my fingertips, and faster than searching online forever. I trust my followers' opinions.


  • The best thing to do with Twitter is just to jump in. You'll see how you can quickly form close bonds, since tweets have become easier than emails or phone calls by far. Share in fun things like tweeting the American Idol finale or in supporting you through very difficult times. People you didn't even know were listening start coming out of the woodwork to offer the love.
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