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Readers Respond: Fall Activities for Kids

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The leaves are turning. The temperatures start dipping. Fall is on the horizon!

As the kids trade in their swimsuits for a light jacket, they can easily settle for the TV and video games to entertain them. But you can keep them busy without letting them veg until the spring thaw. Tell other families about the fall activities your kids enjoy.

Thanks to Mom...

...fall is one of my favorite seasons. She made sure there was no shortage of fall activities, and she taught us how to enjoy nature. We entered baked goods and art in the county fair, we played in the leaves, we went for walks around town, we helped Mom in the kitchen and with crafts, and we had a hand in making our own Halloween costumes. She did these things with both my brother and me. My brother's birthday was in the fall, and she made birthdays special. She also did a great job with holiday meals, such as Thanksgiving, when we ate at our house. Dad also helped entertain us in the fall, whether taking us out at night to gaze at the stars, bringing us to his parents' farm or helping to rake leaves for us to jump in.

Fall Color Hikes

I love taking kids on hikes and in the fall it is especially fun to do a color hike. You can either split up the colors, and have the kids find as many things in the color you assign them during the hike or you can have the whole group count as many colored leaves as they can find. It is also fun if you can get the kids to take pictures of the colors they see with a digital camera.
—Guest Denise

Fall Festivals

In my part of the world, lots of churches and schools have fall festivals. These can provide reasonably priced entertainment, as lots of goods are donated. It's also fun to take kids somewhere where they can pick their own fruit or vegetables. Pumpkin patch festival are also enjoyable for the whole family. Some of them have hay rides, pony rides and corn mazes as well as pumpkins. They also provide wonderful photo ops.
—Guest Susan

Spending Time with Family

We don't have a lot of time for outside activities in the fall, but when time permits, they go see their grandparents and cousins on the weekend. We eat out and sometimes have picnics. We visit relatives and have them over for dinner, too. We really like having this time to spend together with family. We leave time for friends, too, but really, family is most important. Their grandparents and aunts are like second mothers to them. We also take our kids out shopping for things like winter clothes since the weather is getting colder. If I allowed it, my kids would want to run around and eat a lot of fast food, and some parents allow this. I don't like getting too into the youth culture and I feel I am a parent to my children first rather than a friend. Someone has to teach them the value of time and money!
—Guest Rashid Pervez

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