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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons You've Experienced With Kids' Music Programs

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There's no better source for finding the right music programs for babies, toddlers and school-age children than asking the moms and dads who've paid the fees and participated in the classes. Tell everyone the name of the kids' music program(s) you have experience with as well as the pros and cons you discovered.

Music Learning Theory

You wont find programs with this name, but ask your program/instructor if they use this in their teaching. It is a researched based theory of how children develop musically. The program should include songs and chants mostly without words and in a variety of tonalities and meters (not just major/minor). As a parent and a music teacher, ive found classes like the ones at the Michigan State University Community Music School are fun, musically rich, and developmentally appropriate!
—Guest Carinavore


I did a few different kinds of music classes with my kids as toddlers and preschoolers, but I really didn't feel like they learned much. It was nothing more than I could (and often did) provide at home--listening to music, singing, playing drums and simple toy instruments. It was fun, but it wasn't educational. I wish I had saved my money and time. When they were in 1st grade I signed them up for piano lessons and that was money well spent. Now they entertain me with music (piano, guitar, singing) all the time. Much more enjoyable than shaking maracas in a circle.

Music Together Classes - They Rock!

Music Together classes that we've been involved in are soooo much fun! I love the fact that as an adult I actually look forward to class each week just as much as my kids. The songs are wide in variety and style, and my kids have loved all the different activities and instruments throughout each week's class. I highly recommend it, this is a quality program.
—Guest NewporterNow

Not enough Bee-Bop for My Buck!

After paying $5 or more per 30-minute class at my local community center where the moms did most of the singing while the kids sat and stared at us, I made up my own program. At first I bought expensive music toys from companies like "Do-Re-Mi & You." Then I started realizing how children can make music out of anything. Then again I come from a musical family, so it felt like second nature to me to teach my children a love for music. I ended up writing an article about what I do to keep my kids exploring music every day. I have a music station in their toy room. We dance to music every day. When we go to concerts or church, we always ask to touch or play the instruments. When they get old enough I will invest in private music lessons.

Good for siblings

We did music together and it was good but I didn't think it was worth signing up for more than once. What was good: I had a 21/2 year old and a 9 month old and they could enjoy this together. The classes were too short though, and they didn't allow the kids to mingle much with the other children. We would have preferred something with more group interaction (which would have required more than 45 minutes).
—Guest Kristina

Thumbs Up for Kindermusik

We've been taking our son to Kindermusik for 2 years. Pros: Lots of activities packed in 45 min Our Time classes. Kids can roam around the room without having to sit still the whole time. Lots of music instruments to play. The home materials always have a CD, book and a new music instrument. My son still sings songs from the first materials we got 2 years ago. Big smiles from the kids when they start to learn the songs on their own. Classes are not repetitious. We learn a new song, dance or activity every time. Cons: Our classes are held when parents work. I have to take my lunch break from work to take my son to music class. Some of the younger kids cry when they have to put the instruments back or when we're doing group activities where they have to let go of mom or dad for a minute. If you don't like your instructor, you won't like the class. Her energy makes or break the class. Our class is about $200 for a semester. That is once a week for 45 mins a week. Not cheap.

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