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Readers Respond: Reader Tips for Quitting Your Job to Become a SAHM

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Quitting your job can be a difficult decision, especially for a mom who may be out of the workforce for years or leave the career she's worked so hard for altogether. How did you make the decision to quit your job and become a stay-at-home mom?

The Big Decision

When my first child turned one I decided to stay at home. My husband and I had another child. She turned one and my husbands hours were getting cut. So I decided to go back to work after six years. I went full time after a few months because he lost his job. But he gets another job working nights. So he's not getting any sleep, my child that's in first grade is in constant trouble and my infant has no idea who I am. So it was very easy for me. I would rather be broke than have my family fall apart.

Do the budget online

If you want an effective way, you should try one of the online websites for money control. It's free and you can see your status visually. It makes you aware.
—Guest ziqk

Avoid Pressure

When I was trying to decide if I should keep working FT, all I heard was how I needed to be at home for my kids. My parents, my husband's parents, relatives from both sides, other moms I know and my former co-workers who quit to become at-home parents wouldn't let the subject rest. They thought I should be at home because the kids were missing out. I have a degree in business and, three years ago, I was a regional VP in the hotel industry. I was very happy being a working mom. Two years later, I was looking at a photo album with my kids when I noticed something. I wasn't in many pictures. There were pictures of them at the zoo, taking swimming lessons, running in the park, etc., and I wasn't there. Years worth of photo opportunities that I missed out on. Because I was at work. You will know when the decision is right for you. It will hit you like a ton of bricks. I called my boss the next day to turn in my notice. I haven't looked back. I now have the best job in the world.
—Guest Rebecca

Ask About Telecommuting

When I turned in my 2 week notice, my bosses did not want me to leave. They offered me a telecommuting position. I cut my hours from 40+ down to 15 a week. I go into the office for 4 hours one day every other week to file my paperwork. I did give up my benefits because I am now considered part time, but I also gave up $550 a month on child care. I call myself a stay at home mom because I hardly work now, and only turn on the computer when my kids are sleeping. Ask your boss if you can telecommute. It is worth a shot if you plan on quitting anyway!
—Guest Jennie

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