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Readers Respond: Your Number One Tip for Money-Saving Moms

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A frugal mom has to be creative with her family's income. Between paying bills, buying groceries and keeping the kids clothed, moms are always looking for new ways to stretch a dollar.

What's your number one money-saving secret for moms?

Mommy's choice

To save money I resale shop for as much as I can before I buy the new. And I'm talking quality resale! Then, when I do buy new stuff, I just incorporate it with what we have and no one can tell the difference! They have two times more for half as much. I also take very good care of what I do have so that I sell it when I no longer need it (when the children grow out of clothes every month and a half, or when their toys no longer interest them.) You make a few bucks and you help someone else. Trading also cuts down on the spending taxes you pay.
—Guest Gaia

Getting gift cards online!! FREE

We play games online for gift cards! I have my boys play on my account too to earn them quicker! spyware and kid friendly and FREE! We just got a $5 Amazon card.
—Guest Jessica

save on detergent

Check online to see if you can find a site that gives a recipe for making your own detergent. I made mine last month and notice the clothes are just as clean as using the expensive store-bought stuff.
—Guest imgramma42


Forget banks to manage your money. Deposit into a Direct Express debit card (Walmart)to use just like a credit card but without the ripoffs. Have you noticed coupons are quite often for brands you wouldn't buy! I avoid the administrative hassle by buying store or generic products.

foil for wrapping food

I use cheap aluminum foil to wrap food in instead of plastic glad wrap. Also I make up a flask of coffee and tea daily instead of boiling the jug. It's cheaper and a time saver.
—Guest hurf

Cleaning with Vinegar and Baking Soda

As a SAHM I am trying to save $$$ on anything that I can. I now clean the majority of surfaces in my home with vinegar and baking soda. It costs a lot less, goes further and smells better.

Saving Money and Water

To save water and $$ on those water bills, we let the water run into a pitcher until it gets warm to do dishes and let the water run into a plastic pail for showers. We then use the water to water plants both inside and outside and you can use the water from the pitcher to make coffee the next day or anything else that needs water.
—Guest Mike

Doing away with home phones

My husband and I did away with our home phone (Land Line) and now only have cell phones. With Verizon you can use your home phone number as your cell phone number. At first it took us a little time to get use to no home phone. Now it's fine. Also when you get home in the evenings, you don't have to check the messages on your answering machine. Also only one phone bill not two.
—Guest Annetta

Supermarket Sales and Coupons

Between supermarket sales and manufacturer coupons I have found that it is possible to buy name brand groceries for nearly nothing. Have been doing this for years and still get a thrill out of a great buy.
—Guest Tina

Green homeschooling

Create visual aids for your activities using cereal boxes, scrap paper (the unprinted side is as good as a new piece of paper), and all sorts of packaging materials that you can collect from your monthly groceries. They make sturdy materials and serve your family more than just its packaging purpose. Try paper-free activities by looking for online counterparts or making your own soft copies.
—Guest Louella

Easy Money-Saving Tip

I make my own bread. My kids goes through so much bread that it cost less for me to make it from scratch and it's great stress relief.

Save Money on Detergents

My money saving tip is to repurpose and stretch detergents. For example, dish soap can be used at half strength and be used to refill the pump soap in the bathroom. I think repurposing and reducing is the way to go!
—Guest Nicole

Online Discounts

I have found that buying online saves me not only time but money. There always seems to be a "free shipping" offer at most stores and I also searched for sites that gave discounts. I found a site that was free to sign up and just by using the links to popular stores on their site you receive discounts and also get cash back on your purchases. It's worked great for me.
—Guest Chelle Wright

Cheap Movie Night

Have a Family Night for Less Than $2! To have some fun with your family rent a redbox movie ($1) family oriented of course. Buy a packet or two of lemonade mix at Dollar General for 10 cents each. Pop a couple of bags of popcorn. Our kids love it when we do this! Even when you add in the cost of sugar for the lemonade and tax it is still less than $2! This saves a lot of money while still providing the entertainment that we can feel cheated without.

Make toys for kids using paper waste!

You can make excellent craft projects for your kids and yourself by using your paper waste or shredded paper. Search online for "Paper Mache" arts and crafts sites. You will find the recipes and tons of ideas on how to make beautiful projects. All you will need is shredded paper waste, cheap white flour, school glue, and some tempera if you wish. All these ingredients are inexpensive. You will keep your kids busy for many hours and won't have to spend money on expensive toys. Besides all that, you will be promoting your kids' creativity.
—Guest Hector

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