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Readers Respond: Funny Things Your Kids Say and Do

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They shock us. They make us laugh. They give us plenty of material to share with other parents.

The silly things kids come up with are half the fun of raising children. What wacky words or actions have come from your own children's minds? Share Your Stories

The Dizzy Chicken

I asked my daughter, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" She thought for a minute and said, "Maybe it just wasn't paying attention."
—Guest SillysMom


A friend was visiting family in Denver,CO. While there he ran into our daughter and her three children. The youngest, a six year old boy, when asked what he and his family had done that day, the child replied that he and his family had gone on a hike. Our friend asked him the following question: What is the difference between a hike and a march? The child became thoughtful for a moment or two and finally replied, "music"!
—Guest Roy Schlachter

they blew off?

at 2, i went to my daughters room at bedtime and found her naked. i asked what in the world happened and she looked around, smiled and slyly said "the fan blew them off!"
—Guest Christa

Existential Quandary

My 5 year old was looking at a treasure map he had from preschool, and said "I seem to be in an Existential Quandary."
—Guest Rutabaga

Funny Boy

One day I was driving my 3-year-old son and newborn son (Brody) to the Dr's for a check-up and my 3-year-old said, "Mom, you need to have another baby." "Why?" I asked. "Because Brody is MY baby."
—Guest Cameron

Peter bread and Thomas

When my son was a toddler, he would ask for "Peter Bread and Thomas," otherwise known as pita bread and hummus.
—Guest SaKat

Too much information

My 4 year old often gets constipated right at dinner time. One time she was bent over in agony complaining that her stomach hurt. Her 7-year old sister went right over and gave her a hug, and said sympathetically, "Is it your uterus?" Hmm.... Did I give too much information in the birds and bees talk?


I went to my daughter's preschool conference and the teacher laughed and said one area of assessment that she failed - she honestly thinks her middle name is Gorgeous (you can thank my husband for that one!)
—Guest JBmomma

Overheard a funny conversation

My preschooler told our newborn, "You're a cute baby but you've GOT to stop crying!"
—Guest Terrie

My adorable dare devil

My two year old is (by far) the most active and inventive of my four children... he says and does the most incredible things! Just this morning he got into the cabinet and pulled out a Capri Sun juices box, opened it and took a juice pouch out, he inserted his cheerios between one of his musical toys, he pushed a small chair towards his closet to get a toy from over a shelf.... It drives me nuts... I'm a work from home mom, so it's pretty tough to balance :-D Oh! He also mimicked me scolding his two older sisters... I better watch myself more closely. LOL.
—Guest Edda

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Funny Things Your Kids Say and Do

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