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Readers Respond: How I Enjoy Time for Me

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When will I find time for me? It's a cry generations of moms have been screaming to themselves as they raise their kids.

But you don't have to have a week's worth of free time to pamper yourself. Busy parents discuss their favorite me time indulgences so you can finally say, "I found time for me!" Your Favorite Indulgences

Get away

Hot bath, candles & music when kids r in bed. Lol!!!
—Guest Janel Medley

Long. Hot. Bath.

I get all the toys out of the bathtub, light some candles, grab a book and just soak for as long as possible. I feel so recharged when I'm done. If I didn't have those moments, I don't know what I'd do!
—Guest LaurenE

Other Ways for Mommy Time

Spending time with friends, especially those who can make you laugh and share stories of moms' issues. I also think getting involved with a religious group helps...builds camaraderie, fellowship and you share common beliefs and values with one another.
—Guest etu22

My 'Me-Time' is My Husband's Favourite

The first time my husband told me to go out without him and the kids, I was very surprised. How can a wife and a mother leave her family at home and go out alone? My perception completely changed after that first 'Me-Time'.. After my first 'Me-Time' -which I enjoyed very much-, I always discuss with my husband when I should have my next 'Me-Time' and what I should do. He will come up with all kinds of ideas from shopping, beauty treatments, etc. Later, I also found out that my husband loves my 'Me-Time' because he can have the kids without my 'interference'.. so, it is really the best time for everyone.. ;-) I have my 'Me-Time' about once a month with a different thing to do each time, but my favorite is the beauty treatment. I find these treatments very relaxing and refreshing. The other type of 'Me-Time' I enjoy a lot are weekend lunch and shopping with my sisters.
—Guest Indri

Your Favorite Indulgences

How I Enjoy Time for Me

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