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Shop Tax Free for Back-to-School Supplies

Back to School Shopping

Sales tax holidays save you big bucks on paper, backpacks, clothes, computers and more.  

Back to School Made Easy
Stay-at-Home Moms Spotlight10

The Ultimate Guide to Kids' Parties

Is planning your kids' parties as much fun as getting a root canal? Use this ultimate guide to kids' parties to plan any kind of party with zero stress.

Top Complaints about Stay-at-Home Moms

You would think stay-at-home moms are a nemesis to society. Here are the top 5 complaints about SAHMs and what we can do about them.

Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School

Starting a new school year can be scary for even the most confident kids. Help your kids adjust to school with these easy tips.

Plan the Perfect Party for Children of All Ages

Look like a party planning pro when you plan your kids' parties. Use these six quick tips to pull off an unforgettable party with ease.

How to Host a Great Kids' Party

Stop stressing over the party. Host a great kids' party that's easy for you and ensures everyone has a great time.

Help Your Kids Make New Friends

Having childhood friends is something we all treasure. Help your child make new friends who will forever be a part of her life.

Amp Up Your Zumba Workout

Elevate your Zumba workout. Whether you're a newcomer or you've been enjoying Zumba for years, get details on classes, DVDs and even how you can earn money.

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Zumba Instructor

Before you become a Zumba instructor, you need to know how much you can earn, how to get licensed and where you can work. These resources have you covered.

Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Rain, rain, don't go away. These five fun things to do on a rainy day keep the kids happy and fight those boredom blues.

Zumba Incredible Results Review

Zumba Incredible Results is the newest DVD set, which features the Zumba Rizer. Find out calories burned, what results you can expect and more in this in-depth review.

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