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Parenthood Episode 7 - The Sacrifices of Being a Parent

By April 13, 2010

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Episode 7 of Parenthood tackles the sacrifices we make as parents. From a stay-at-home mom trying to show her daughter she was a worthy employee once to a single parent trying to protect her daughter's feelings by crushing her own, there were many aspects of this week's episode that hit home for moms.

With a cast of more than 15 characters to follow, there's plenty to catch up on in this week's episode, titled "What's Goin' On Down There?"

Adam, Kristina, Haddie and Max Braverman

Minka Kelly guest stars on Parenthood
Adam wants Gaby to stay with Max so he can have alone time with Kristina.
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  • Haddie spends career day shadowing Aunt Julia, the corporate attorney. Haddie's enthusiasm about Julia's career gets to Kristina because she wants her daughter to realize she was an accomplished career woman too.

  • Adam's bothered when he sees Max's behavioral aide Gaby (guest star Minka Kelly) doing tequila shots at a bar.

  • Adam's having a hard time juggling work and family life. He can't seem to get a moment alone with his wife and later refers to his life as a "schedule," which hurts Kristina.

So many great story lines this week. Adam and Kristina were my favorites to follow in this episode, though.

There was a scene where Kristina called Adam, who was on a business dinner, to let him know she had the house to herself. Her hair was down. She was dressed in a nightie. Adam said he would try to get away from the dinner. She later calls, and we see her with hair up, facial mask on and she's loading the dishwasher in sweats. The kids were back home before Adam could get there.

Very funny and true to life. With young kids in the house, those moments alone are rare but the sweatpants and ponytails are common.

However, the show stealer for stay-at-home moms was Kristina trying to prove her work achievements to Haddie. She could tell her daughter's in awe of Aunt Julia, the hotshot lawyer.

As Haddie raved about Julia's career and a day in her life, Adam noticed the hurt in Kristina's eyes. When Kristina tried to show Haddie her old work files and what she got accomplished, Haddie smiled politely but didn't seem to grasp the importance of her mom's work. Adam noticed again, especially when Max walked in and demanded eggs. Kristina immediately swallowed her pride and went into stay-at-home mom mode.

By the end of the episode, Adam took Haddie to a park. Kids played. The grass was green. Adam told his daughter how Kristina stopped a company from building in that area and even got them to put up money to help build the park. Very nice moment!

Sarah Braverman and Amber and Drew Holt

  • Things get serious between Sarah and Mr. Cyr (guest star Jason Ritter). Sarah tells her daughter she's dating her English teacher.

  • Mr. Cyr helps Amber study for the SATs, but she blows them off to spend the day with old boyfriend Damien from Fresno.

Amber had been spending a lot of time with Mr. Cyr studying for the SATs. As a viewer, we knew Amber had a crush. Adam picked up on this when he gave her a lift home from school, and he later told Sarah about it.

The sacrifices parents make for their children don't stop when they're old enough to drive. Sarah proved this when she confessed to her daughter that she was dating Mr. Cyr.

Sarah left Amber's room feeling like the talk went well. But we saw Amber burst into tears. The twist was, we saw Sarah on the other side of the door whose smile faded when she realized Amber pretending she didn't care was just an act. Sarah broke it off with Mr. Cyr for her daughter's sake.

Julia, Joel and Sydney Graham

  • Julia questions her career decision after niece Haddie spends the day with her.
Julia wasn't featured much in this episode. We did get to see Julia questioning her career choices, not so much her decision to be a working mom, but really her choice to be an aggressive attorney whose job is to "crush" little companies.

The writers have left this story line open. It will be interesting to see if this was Julia's passing thought or if she really would like to take her career in another direction.

Crosby Braverman and Jasmine and Jabbar Trussell

  • Crosby meets single mom Valerie (guest star Jacqueline Piņol) at a yoga class. Since they both have five-year-old boys, they all get together for a playdate.

Sparks fly between Crosby and Valerie. She suggests they go inside while the lifeguard watches the boys. Of course, things heat up but Crosby continues to look out of the window to make sure Jabbar is okay. He stops the action, so to speak, because he doesn't feel right about leaving his son to go upstairs for a romp.

The writers better watch out. Crosby's starting to grow out of his role as the Braverman family screw up. He's still making parenting mistakes, but he's quickly adapting to fatherhood.

There's a definite spark between Jasmine and Crosby as well with the subtle act of one trying to hand Jabbar over to the other while he sleeps. That's shelved, at least temporarily, because she finds out Jabbar was left with the lifeguard and that Crosby used his son as bait to see Valerie.

There seems to be a plot hole without Katie. She loved him enough to want to have his baby but stormed off when she found out he had a son in episode 5. He seemed to still care for her, even in episode 6, despite her absence from the show. Now it looks like he's moving on. Fast.

Zeek and Camille were also noticeably absent from this week's episode. They will return in next week's episode, though, when Zeek's big mouth gets him in trouble at Jabbar's birthday party.

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April 14, 2010 at 10:54 pm
(1) Kara says:

This was my 2nd time watching the show…a little conflicted by the working mom vs. SAHM storyline. As a full-time SAHM, you don’t get to be “a great lawyer + a great mom”, you’re just (hopefully) a great mom, but not necessarily greater than the lawyer/mom. My pride wants more recognition, wants the Haddie character to be impressed with her mom without her having done great things pre-kids. But it’s certainly true to life – my mom was a SAHM and I certainly didn’t recognize her sacrifices at the time.

September 21, 2010 at 9:32 am
(2) Jana says:

What really confused me was at the end, amber went off with Damien. Who was the same actor as her teacher??? I think? Can someone tell me why’s going on??????

September 21, 2010 at 1:22 pm
(3) Apryl says:

Hi Jana,

Those two sure do look a lot alike!

Mr. Cyr is played by Jason Ritter:


Damien is played by Eduardo Rioseco:


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