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Summer Camps

There are hundreds of summer camps to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for your children? From types of camps to conquering homesickness, answer all of your summer camp questions before you pack your kids' bags.

Summer Camp Guide
Should your child attend summer camp? What type of camp would be best for her? How can you reduce the high costs of summer camp? Get answers to your many summer camp questions in this complete guide to summer camp.

Cut the Costs of Summer Camps for Kids
Summer camps for kids are a fun escape for them and an account-draining reality for parents. Affordable summer camps for kids are possible with simple tactics that give you more control over the price.

Kids' Summer Camp Options
What types of kids' summer camps are available? From academic camps to theme camps and every camp in between, see all the options for kids' summer camps so you can find the right camp based on your child's interests.

Summer Camp Reviews
Make sure the summer camp experience is remembered for friendships and fun. Parents review summer camps their kids have attended. See what they have to say and write your own review too.See submissions

Academic Camp
Academic camp enriches your children's knowledge based on their interests. Learn more about academic camp and if it's right for your child.

Adventure Camp
Adventure camps take kids beyond the general camp experience. Find out what adventure camp is like, which ages it's best suited for and how much you can expect to pay for your child to attend.

Art Camp
Got a creative type in your house? Art camp may be a perfect fit to unleash the creative genius in your child.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School builds a lifetime of memories, friendships and a solid religious foundation for the kids who attend. Learn more about Vacation Bible School, how to find a VBS near you and experience a typical day for the children.

Top Summer Camps for Gifted Children
Gifted kids who want to continue their learning during the summer have many camps designed just for them. Print a list of 10 summer camps gifted children will enjoy attending.

Camp Options for Special Needs Children
Parents of special needs children know they have extra questions to ask before sending their children to camp. Review the pros and cons of special needs camps and see a list of sample questions you should ask before writing a check.

Day Camp Fun
Campers get to come home at night when they attend day camp. But what are the benefits and what should you look for in a day camp program? Get help finding the right day camp for your children.

Overnight Camp Benefits
Sending the kids off to overnight camp, also known as residential camp, has many benefits. Discover 8 reasons why overnight camp can be a positive experience for your kids.

Ready for Overnight Camp?
It's a question parents face when their kids are old enough to stay overnight at camp. Find out how to evaluate your children to see if they're ready to take the leap and spend the night at camp this summer.

Summer Camp FAQs
Should your child attend summer camp? Can you afford it? Is she ready to stay overnight? Get answers to all of your burning summer camp questions.

Prevent Summer Camp Homesickness
The kids may be super-excited to go to summer camp. But then you get the call in the middle of the night. She's homesick. Stomp out homesickness before your camper even leaves home.

Questions to Ask Your Child's Summer Camp
You want your kids to have a safe, happy camp experience. Ask these questions to ensure they're safe and you're not worried the whole time they're away from you.

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