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Activities and Fun for You and Your Children

It's playtime for you and your family. Try these activities for fun with children of all ages, rain or shine.
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  2. Creative Activities for Children (28)
  3. Educational Activities for Kids (25)
  4. Family Events (17)
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  6. Outdoor Fun (19)
  7. Parties and Holidays
  8. Seasonal Activities (26)
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Fun Activities for Kids
What do you want to do today? With this list of activities arranged by month, you'll never have to worry how you're going to entertain the kids each day.

Learning Activities That Are Fun
Fun is the key to learning activities that keep your children's focus. These learning activities for preschoolers and school-age children take the pressure off so your kids can learn everything from their ABCs to cultures in other worlds.

Kids' Live Shows
Kids' live shows tour the world to bring everyone from Big Bird to Buzz Lightyear to a city near you. Browse the list of kids' live shows to find out more about each one's story line, ticket prices and touring dates.

Play Date Games
It's play date time! Organize some fun play date games to make your play date a hit.

Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day
Looking out the window and don't like what you see? Stay indoors today with these fun activities that will keep everyone entertained.

Best Social Networks for Kids
Kids love to talk to each other and meet new people while having fun. Keep them safe as they explore the online world with these kid-focused social networks.

Opening a Lemonade Stand
Ready to open a lemonade stand? Don't start your business off on a sour note. Follow a few simple rules to make your lemonade stand a success.

Indoor Activities for Kids
Staying inside today? Whether it's cold outside, rainy or you just feel like hanging out at home, keep the kids entertained with 10 activities that will make them forget they're playing indoors.

Share Music With Children
They may love Bieber and Britney but what do your kids really know about the music? Expose your kids to generations of musical styles and the people behind them to develop a lifelong appreciation of music.

Music Classes for Babies, Toddlers and School-Age Kids
Music classes are fun activities for you and your children. With so many music activities to choose from, learn more about each program before you sign up.

Wii Games for Kids
It's game on at your house tonight. Play these multiplayer, interactive Wii games with your children to make video game time more than just an hour spent on the couch.

Make an Emotions Book
Put together an emotions book with your children. It's an activity that is fun for you both while teaching them about the many different feelings they're experiencing.

Tooth Fairy Ideas
Losing teeth is part of growing up but it can be a sad time in a child's life. Make it fun instead with tooth fairy ideas that get kids excited about earning their permanent teeth.

Explore World Cultures With Your Kids
Take your child on a global journey to discover world cultures. These fun activities enrich their awareness of world cultures without you ever leaving your home.

The Election for Kids
Teach your kids about politics and their important role as a future voter. These activities help your kids learn about the political process and give them a first-hand look at elections.

The Thrill of Family Night at the Movies Comes Home
Make your family night at the movies affordable and fun. Turn your home into a kid-loving movie theater complete with tickets to the show, a concession stand and movie reviews.

Bath Toys Kids Never Outgrow
Stop buying expensive bath toys that have to be thrown away after they sit in the water for a while. These bath toys are cheap and kids never outgrow them.

Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids of All Ages
Have a Dr. Seuss kind of day with activities for your kids that are as unforgettable as the books themselves. These Dr. Seuss activities open up your child's imagination and bring the wildly, weirdly, adorable, addictive books to life.

Play Indoor Hopscotch
When it's too hot or too cold outside, or you simply want to change things up, play indoor hopscotch. This variation of an old favorite gets your kids moving and having fun.

Day and Weekend Travel Ideas for Families
Make your weekend travel plans with a complete guide to all 50 states. No matter where you're going, these family-friendly attractions are perfect for day and weekend travel.

Pros and Cons You've Experienced With Kids' Music Programs
There are a variety of music programs aimed at getting kids to play instruments, sing, dance and appreciate music. Parents share their experiences with music programs so you can find the one that's best suited for you and your child.

Readers Share Their Favorite Spring Activities for Kids
Is everyone going stir crazy at your house? Parents share their tried and true spring activities for kids.

Reader Tips for Kids' Music Programs
With so many music programs for kids available, parents usually have a hard time deciding which one is right for their family. See what other moms and dads have to say about the music classes they've enrolled in with their children.

Spring Break Fun
Not sure what to do with your kids during that week-long break from school? Have some Spring Break fun together with activities that will keep you busy all the way up until the school bell rings.

Home Depot Kids Workshops
Let the kids build a fun project at no cost to you. Materials and tools are free, and the kids get to bring home wooden projects they built themselves.

Reader Tips for Fun With Dr. Seuss Books
Make Dr. Seuss's bizarre, beloved books more than words on paper. Readers share their favorite activities that bring Dr. Seuss's characters off of the pages and into your child's world.

Turkey Handprint Thanksgiving Art
Make your child's handprint Thanksgiving art you can keep as those tiny hands grow. This Thanksgiving art project helps you create cute turkeys from your child's hands, complete with wiggle eyes, a sun, clouds and grass.

Festival Games
In charge of the festival games? These 10 games are easy to play, easy to make and will appeal to both the young and young at heart.

Spring Chick Craft
Make a spring chick and five babies from your child's footprint. It's a fun, easy craft that makes the perfect keepsake.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny
Create an adorable paper plate bunny. Whether you're getting your kids ready for Easter or they're just fans of rabbits, this project is simple, cute and fun.

Play Airplane
Flying with children who are prepared for airline travel takes the pressure off of you and is more fun for them. Get them excited about their trip while you show them what to expect on the ground and in the sky.

Thumbprint Easter Bunny Card
A homemade Easter bunny card is a priceless keepsake. Watch your child's fingerprint turn into an Easter bunny that tells friends and family, "Some Bunny Loves You."

The Baby Chick Kids' Easter Card
Create a kids' Easter card out of your child's fingerprint. In a few easy steps, you'll make a baby chick Easter card.

Create a Canvas for Kids
Expand your children's creativity beyond the easel. With just a few bucks, turn your wall into a giant canvas where your kids can create their next masterpieces.

Spring Season Activities
The spring season offers an escape route for families who've been trapped indoors all winter. Celebrate the spring season together with activities that help you transition from the world of snowmen to sandcastles.

Activities to Do with Kids
There are plenty of activities and fun you can enjoy with your kids. Find something that will entertain all of you today in this complete guide to fun family activities.

Free Summer Program for Kids

Sponge Painting for Kids
You've never sponge painted like this before. Find out how to make fun shapes and start sponge painting indoors or out.

A Fun Educational Game for Kids - Pom Pom Pickup
Help your child learn colors, counting and sorting through a fun educational game that uses mini pom poms. These games provide hours of entertainment for toddlers, preschoolers and you.

Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops
Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops are free clinics for kids. The home improvement store provides the materials and tools, and children get to build something unique for free.

Rubber Cement Art Ideas for Kids
If you're looking for creative art ideas for kids, this rubber cement art is an easy, fun and no-mess project for the smallest artiste. Children love creating this project over and over because no two works of art are alike.

Things to Do in December with Your Family
Make the most of family time in December. Find fun things to do all month long.

Creative Outdoor Painting for Kids
Outdoor painting for kids doesn't have to stop at finger painting. Put the kids' creativity to the ultimate test. Let them paint on a giant canvas outside for hours of outdoor painting fun.

Play Food Ideas
Play food is a fun activity for kids. But buying play sets can set you back a pretty penny. Make your own in minutes with these six DIY play food ideas.

Picture Stories
Create unique stories with your children in 10 minutes. Help them develop their imagination, learn about perspective and have fun at the same time.

Creative Paint Brushes
How will your child's masterpiece look when it's painted with doll hair? What kind of unique painting technique will your child come up with using cars? Make creative paint brushes out of items you already have around your house.

Things to Do in January with Your Family
You won't hear any of those winter "I'm bored" complaints from your kids this January. Find fun things to do with your children during this first month of the new year.

The Music Class
The Music Class works with newborns up to children 8 years of age. Through songs, props and instruments, The Music Class focuses on helping kids appreciate music while preparing older children for recitals, ensembles and solos.

Things to Do in March with Your Family
Keep your kids active, learning something new and having fun all at the same time. Try these activities in March.

Things to Do in April with Your Family
Teach your child a new art. Play outside. Work on saving the environment. There are many fun activities to enjoy with your family during the month of April.

Things to Do in May with Your Family
Looking for something fun to do this month? Get outside, learn something new or simply play together with May's list of activities to try with your family.

Things to Do in June with Your Family
School's out and you're already hearing complaints about how there's nothing to do. There's no time for summer blues with the fun activities on this list of things to do in June with your family.

Who Can You Send Care Packages To?
Send care packages to one of these groups of people. They will love getting a care package from your family.

Day and Weekend Trips in the Northeast
Northeast family vacations whisk you away to life without cars in Amish country or to big city living in the Big Apple. Find your next family-friendly vacation in the Northeast with this complete list of fun activities.

Things to Do in July with Your Family
Keep everyone in your family entertained this month. Search for your next kid-friendly activity for the month of July.

Day and Weekend Trips in the Southwest
Pack your bags for a weekend trip in the Southwest. These day and weekend trip destination ideas will make kids of all ages happy.

Day and Weekend Vacations in the Southeast
Weekend vacations are a perfect time to recharge without spending a lot of money. These weekend vacations cover the southeast region of the U.S. so you can find things to do wherever you go.

Things to Do in August with Your Family
Looking for something fun to do with your children? Try these kids' activities in August.

Make Your Own Board Game for the Kids
Take fun into a new dimension when you ditch traditional board games and make a life-size one with your kids. Learn how to make your own board game from scratch.

30 Days of Thanks - Week One
The 30 Days of Thanks project is a fun way to teach your kids about being thankful and showing compassion toward others. Week one gets you started on this month-long journey.

30 Days of Thanks - Week Three
Week three of 30 days of thanks has your whole family doing a lot of fun projects together. Favors, hugs and smiles and even a high-flying way to say thanks are included.

Free Counting Game for Kids
Try a counting game activity that's different every time you and your kids play. Teach your kids how to count with a hands-on game that uses items around your house.

Thankful Jar
Teach your kids to relish all of those thankful moments in their life. The thankful jar is one way to get your entire family involved in showing thanks.

What Are You Thankful For?
How far can a note of thanks go? Try this project with your family to find out.

30 Days of Thanks - Week Four
Week four of 30 days of thanks wraps up the month-long series of thankful projects. Or will you extend your thankfulness beyond the 30 days?

Girl Scouts of the USA
Thinking about signing your daughter up for Girl Scouts? Learn more about this 100-year-old organization.

Kid of the Week
Start a new tradition with your family. Make each one of your children a Kid of the Week with some fun perks during their reign.

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