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The "I Love You" Photo Collage

Personalized Photo Collages Make Unique Gifts for the Whole Family


Photo © Apryl Duncan
Kids can tell mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa how much they care with a photo collage that spells out "I Love You." See a larger image of a completed photo collage.

To get started, print the letters that will spell your message. You will print one letter per page.

The letter should cover as much of the page as possible so it will show up in your picture. Glossy photo paper works best for printing shiny letters that stand out.

Get out the camera and start snapping. Put one of the printed letters in each setting.

Children don't have to hold the letters either. Just place the letter near them or in the background when taking your pictures. Even newborns can be a part of the collage this way.

Creatively stumped on photo locations? Take pictures of the kids:

• In the backyard
• Sleeping
• Playing in the bathtub
• Coloring
• Jumping on the bed
• On the playground
• At the zoo
• During a pillow fight

Once you've taken enough pictures to spell out "I love you" and your loved one's name, you may still have room for other photos. Use the extra space to add older photos into your collage. If you're making a collage for daddy, use pictures of him holding each baby for the first time or candid shots of daddy being silly with the kids.

After you're finished selecting your photos, you have a few options for choosing a collage layout. You can create your own design using Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

You can also upload your photos to create your collage online. Snapfish.com, Shutterfly.com and Walgreens.com are a few sites that offer photo collage services. You can choose your own design, add your photos and you're done.

Try not to spoil the surprise as you wait for the big day when your loved ones open up a unique gift only your family could create!

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