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Things to Do in December with Your Family


Things to Do in December with Your Family
A picture of a mom and son baking cookies

Baking together is one of many activities you can and your children can do together to enjoy this special time of year.

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There are so many fun things to do in December with your family. Pick any of these month-long activities to enjoy quality time with those special adults and kids in your life.

Send Holiday Cards
Get the family involved in sending out holiday cards. Buy a box at the store or get creative. Homemade cards are a treat to receive but they also give you one-on-one time with your children while you create them together. Paint your cards, use rubber stamps or use the computer to design your own holiday cards.

Have Holiday Pictures Taken
Put on your matching green and red sweaters and capture the moment with family holiday portraits. Posed pictures are the norm but also get creative holiday shots. Keep your camera ready all month long so you can capture unique holiday pictures of your family.

Visit Santa Claus
Take the kids early in the month to see Santa and avoid the crowds closer to Christmas. The guy with the white beard in the bright red suit can be a scary sight to younger children so prepare them for what to expect during their visit with Santa Claus.

Bake With Your Kids
You probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen in December. Let the kids be your little helpers. Bake with them to extend your holiday fun. Make gingerbread houses from scratch or bake cookies.

Wrap Presents Together
Usually kids wake up to find presents have been magically wrapped overnight. Keep a few out and ask your children to help wrap presents with you. Spend some special time with each of your kids as they wrap presents for their siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Donate Time and Goods
December is a great month to introduce your children to the concept of charitable giving. Donate your family's time. Drop off a toy at a qualified charity event to help other kids in your area. Participate in a fundraising walk or run. There are many ways to help others during the holidays.

Get to Know Your Neighbors During Hi Neighbor Month
Getting to know your neighbors has many benefits. You can make some new mom friends. Kids can meet playmates their own ages for fun play dates. Families who know each other well can benefit from swapping free child care, even starting a neighborhood babysitting co-operative. Neighbors can look out for each other through neighborhood watches. Start with a simple introduction. Show up with baked treats as a friendly hello or organize a neighborhood block party.

National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month
The crowds, traffic and family time overload can be stressful even if you're usually the merriest of people. December is National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month. Part of its purpose to help you survive the holidays and reduce your family's holiday stress.

Safe Toy and Gift Month
With so many toys coming to good little girls and boys this month, it's only fitting that it's Safe Toy and Gift Month. As you shop for new toys or inspect your current ones, be sure you follow the toy safety checklist. But also use this month to talk about toy safety with your children. What may be age appropriate for one child could be dangerous to another. It's especially true if you have a baby in the house who could easily choke on small parts or be injured from an older child's toys.

Read A New Book Month
Every month should be Read a New Book Month. But during December, you have plenty of opportunities to introduce new books to your children. Pick books centered around the month of December. They can focus on the holidays, an author's birthday and specific events.

Universal Human Rights Month
Celebrate peace, liberty and freedom with your children. Teach them about human rights. You'll show your kids how to be thankful and they'll learn about respect at the same time.

Write to a Friend Month
Grab a pen and paper. Encourage your children to write their pals. They can write a kid-friendly thank you card to their friends or simply write to say hi. It's an excellent exercise for all age groups that doesn't include phone calls, texts or emails. Preschoolers can practice their writing skills and older children can learn letter writing basics. You're not off the hook either. Write your children letters to tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

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