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Unless you're constantly armed with sandwiches for your kids, you'll probably end up in a fast food restaurant at some point. Learn about the food being offered to make healthier choices for your children.

Kids' Fast Food Facts
You're out and about, and you inevitably end up in the drive-thru. Before you place an order, look at the kids' fast food meals with the lowest and highest calories and fat grams.

McDonald's Happy Meals and Mighty Kids' Meals
Mention a Happy Meal to kids and they'll probably know you're talking about McDonald's. Learn which selections on the Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal menus have the highest calories and fat grams and which ones have the lowest.

Burger King Kids' Meals
Burger King is the number two burger restaurant, coming up behind McDonald's. Take a close look at the kids' menu to discover the selections with the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.

Taco Bell Kids' Meals
Taco Bell has switched up its kids' meals. The company has reduced the amount of entrees included with certain meals, which lowered the calories and fat grams for some kids' menu selections.

Subway Kids' Meals
Subway kids' meals come with a 3-inch sandwich, side item, drink and a toy. Choose from a black forest ham, turkey breast, roast beef or veggie delight sandwich.

Sliced apples are served as the side item. Drink choices are milk or a Minute Maid 100% juice box.

Pizza Hut for Kids
Kids love Pizza, and Pizza Hut offers personal pan pizzas that are a fraction of the size of your typical pizza. See which one racks in the highest amount of calories and fat and which one is lower.

Wendy's Kids' Meals
The next time you pick up a Wendy's kids' meal, know the calories and fat grams your children will be eating. Break down the menu items with the highest and lowest calories and fat grams before you order.

KFC Kids' Meals
KFC' kids' meals offer variety over your typical hamburger and fries. See which meal selections have the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.

Arby's Kids' Meals
Arby's keeps its kids' menu simple, only offering two entrees. All items on the kids' menu have calorie and fat gram pros and cons, though.

Hardee's Kids' Meals
Hardee's has some alarming numbers associated with its kids' meals. With only three entrees to choose from, find out which one is loaded with calories and fat grams and which one is the wiser choice if you're stopping by this fast food restaurant.

Carl's Jr. Kids' Meals
Break down the calories and fat grams from the Carl's Jr. kids' menu. Mix and match these selections to reveal the numbers behind the fast food restaurant's meal items.

Sonic Kids' Meals
Sonic calls itself America's drive-in, but do you know what you're getting inside the kids' meal sack when a carhop brings you your food? Discover the items with the highest and lowest amount of calories and fat grams on Sonic's kids' menu.

Dairy Queen Kids' Meals
With so many sweet treats on the menu, Dairy Queen is a popular choice for parents who want to pick up their kids' meals. See which selections off the kids' menu have the highest calories and fat grams and which have the lowest.

Quiznos Kids' Meals
Quiznos is best known for its sandwiches but it also offers pizzas on the kids' menu. Find out which kids' meal selections have the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.

Fast Food and the Food Pyramid
You've probably heard that most fast food is bad for your kids. But how does it relate to the food pyramid? Take a look at how fast food fills your child's food pyramid on a daily basis.

How Eating Fast Food Affects Teens
Small children are usually the focus of medical reports on fast food's effects. But young adults and their parents should also be aware of the risks of eating too much fast food.

Fast Food at Home
Fast food isn't just what you order by speaking into the clown's mouth at the drive-thru. Parents are often serving up fast food at home without even knowing it.

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