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Family Costumes for Halloween


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Over 200 Costume Ideas for Families
A picture of families in Halloween costumes
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Ideas for Family Costumes:

With thousands of family costumes to choose from, it's easy to get stumped when trying to decide what you and the kids are going to wear. Narrow your choices down to a theme that gets your family excited about dressing up in their costumes whether you're going out for some trick or treating fun or your family's hosting a Halloween party at home.

As you decide on your family's costume theme, keep in mind a few Halloween costume safety rules. The three basic rules for any costume are that they should be flame resistant, easy to see in the dark and fit well without masks that hinder your child's vision.

Family costumes also need to be safe for baby. There are seven criteria for a baby's costume so they can enjoy the festivities safely.

Now get ready to pick out your family's Halloween costumes. Explore costume themes, see pictures and get more than 200 costume ideas.

Family costumes pictured here:

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