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Kids. Marriage. Life. If only your role as a stay-at-home mom stopped there. Take charge of messes, meals and more to help your household run more smoothly.
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Where to Donate Toys
Donate toys to get rid of your unwanted clutter while making other children happy. Find 10 places that will put your donated toys to good use.

Kids' Chores
There's no reason the chores should all fall on mom and dad. Even kids as young as preschool age can help out around the house.

Moving with Kids
Announcing you're moving can make your kids feel like their entire world has been turned upside down. Make their transition easier with tips to get all of you through the days before moving, during the move and once you're settled into your new home.

Organize Your Life
Get organized today. Take the steps you need to organize your family life, your home, finances and more.

Best Apps for Moms
There's a helping hand hiding in your phone. And who needs extra hands more than moms?

Declutter with Your Kids
Enter the declutter zone with your kids. Show them how to get rid of certain things while helping to get organized at the same time.

How to Organize Your Home
You want to know how to organize your home but the best intentions of actually getting it done are hampered by the ever-growing piles of toys, lumps of clothes and junk in general that's taking over your house. Conquer the clutter today. Work room by room to organize your home.

Organize Coupons
Stop the coupon madness! Take control of your coupon drawer and save the most money with a little organization.

How to Organize Photos
Your family has probably taken hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures. Learn how to organize those photos into an easy-to-browse collection.

Family Calendar Options
A family calendar takes the guesswork off of where everyone needs to be and at what time. Find the right family calendar option to keep everyone on track.

5 Chores Children Should Do Every Day
Managing your home was hard enough before you had children. But they can help you while learning to be responsible with easy chores they should do every day.

Freebies for Mom
Get free stuff just for being a mom. These freebies help you keep your money in your wallet where it belongs.

Display Your Children's Art in a Unique Way
It's hard to part with our children's art. But it usually ends up in a folder or drawer. Now you can preserve the art, throw it out and display it all in one shot.

Home Fire Safety Tips to Protect Your Family
Home fire safety doesn't have to be a scary topic. Protect your family and get your kids involved with home fire safety tips that prepare all of you in case there's a fire.

How to Cut Kids' Hair
Cut your kids' hair yourself to save time and money. These tips and tricks will turn you into a hairmaster in your own home.

Choosing Your Mom Car
In the market for another car? Find your next mom car after you see which types of cars suit your on-the-go family.

20 Minutes to Tidy
Remember when your house was clean? The days before kid toys covered the floor and food was painted onto the walls are far behind you but these household cleaning tips help you make your house presentable again in just 20 minutes a day.

Mom Kit Essentials
Your bag is stuffed but it always seems like you're forgetting something. Gather some must-have items to make a mom kit that helps you survive everything from kid messes to emergencies you could never predict.

Cooking Healthy Foods in a Hurry
You want your kids to eat healthy but you don't have much time. Cook healthy foods fast, even when some of them come from the grocer's freezer section.

Budget Recipe Ideas for Under $10
Feed your family for under $10. These 10 mouth-watering, budget-friendly recipes will have you excited about fixing your family dinner tonight.

Housekeeping Tips for Busy Parents
Stop tripping over toys, fighting impossible stains and feeling like you always have a mop in your hand. Try fast, simple housekeeping tips that keep you ahead of the messes, despite the kids' best efforts to make your home look like a disaster area.

Kids Playroom Ideas
Create a kids' playroom that contains the mess and keeps the children happy. Parents share their ideas, photos and tips for their children's playroom. See submissions

Help for Mom
You're pulled in 1,000 different directions every day. There's nothing wrong with getting a helping hand for the countless activites you day over and over again.

Should You Post Pictures of Your Kids Online?
Sharing your photos with friends online is something just about every parent is doing. But should you be?

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