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Organize Coupons

Take Control of Your Coupon Drawer to Save the Most Money


Organizing your coupons is a simple way to save money and helps you plan your family's menu around the coupons you can use for the week's meals. Managing your coupons can quickly become an out-of-control mess if you don't begin your journey to free discounts the right way.

Get a Coupon Holder

Make your own coupon holder to store your coupons. Use a looseleaf binder and clear plastic pages or buy a coupon organizer. You'll keep all of your coupons neatly organized inside.

If you're just getting started in the world of couponing, a small coupon organizer that fits inside your purse will do for now. As your coupon collection grows and you become addicted to saving money with coupons, you can then work your way up to a large binder for your coupons.

Sort Coupons by Product Type

Knowing which coupons you have makes shopping easier and helps you save the most money in the checkout line. Categorize your coupons for easy searching while you shop.

Coupons for diapers, formula and other baby goods can all go into your baby items section. Coupons for shampoo, deodorant and shaving cream can all go into your personal items category. Keep your food coupons in their own category and do the same for cleaning supplies. When you hit the store's aisles, you'll be able to find the item's coupon without wasting any time shuffling through an unorganized stack of coupons.

Arrange Coupons by Expiration Date

After you break your coupons into categories, sort them even further by expiration date. Put the coupons set to expire the soonest on top. That way, you'll always have an eye on the coupons you should use now before you miss out on your chance to save on the products you need.

Continually Weed Your Coupons

Some stores accept coupons after they have expired. Make note of the ones that do accept expired coupons and ask if they have a grace period that you can use them past the expiration date.

Otherwise, when a coupon expires, get rid of it. Continually weed out those coupons you can no longer use to keep your coupons organized and free of clutter.

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