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Firefly Game


A picture of kids playing with flashlights

Don't just capture fireflies, become one with the firefly game.

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The firefly game is one of many flashlight games kids love. It's also a great nighttime activity to entertain a few children or big groups. You need at least one flashlight, depending on how many children will be playing but have more on hand if you're playing the firefly game with a medium- to large-sized group.

Firefly Game Rules

The firefly game should be played at night. The point of the game is that children are trying to catch the firefly (the child with the flashlight).

Do make sure the area the children are playing in is safe. A flat area with no objects or other obstacles is best to avoid tripping or falling.

Firefly Game for Groups of 5 or Fewer

Designate one child as the firefly. The firefly gets the flashlight.

The child who is the firefly must flash the light from the flashlight on and off again once about every 30 seconds. The other children try to find the firefly. The first child to "capture" the firefly gets to become the next firefly.

Firefly Game for Groups of 6 or More

With this version of the firefly game, you have two options. You can play by the game rules for groups of 5 or fewer or you can have more fireflies.

With more fireflies, you'll need more flashlights. Split the group in half. One half of the group gets flashlights and the other half gets to try and capture the fireflies.

The same rules apply for the fireflies in this version of the game as the one for small groups. Fireflies flash the lights of their flashlight once about every 30 seconds and the rest of the kids try to "capture" each firefly.

Once a firefly is caught, that child sits out the rest of the game with his flashlight off. When all fireflies are caught, they hand over the flashlights to their captors who now get to be the fireflies.

The best part about the firefly game is that everyone gets to be a firefly and everyone wins!

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