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Snoopy Party


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Snoopy Decorations and Food
A picture of drinks at a Snoopy themed birthday party

Add some Peanuts pizzazz to your party decorations and food.

Photo © Apryl Duncan
For adults, Snoopy decorations and food may just be the most fun part of the party. The Peanuts gang gives you plenty of creative options to stick to your party theme.

Keep an eye out for items you can use as Snoopy decorations. Snoopy balloons, Peanuts tablecloths, plates, cups and centerpieces can easily be found online.

With so many dog-themed birthday party supplies, it's simple to find paw print, dog bone and other dog-related party ideas you can use for your Peanuts party. Some of the best resources for puppy party supplies are online birthday stores.

Paw prints are easy to draw. One of the most simple decorations for your Peanuts party is to draw paw prints leading up to your front door with sidewalk chalk.

Make name cards for your food out of Peanuts clip art. You can even find a free Peanuts font for download.

Use dog bowls to serve puppy chow mix to your guests. Other Peanuts food ideas include:

  • Snoopy dogs (hot dogs)
  • Schroeder's cheese and crackers medley
  • Charlie Brown chips
  • Peppermint patties
  • Here boy! bone-shaped cookies
  • Woodstock's nest (coconut haystacks with your thumb pushed in the middle to hollow out the nest)
  • Jelly Belly laughs
  • Snoopy snacks (Peanuts fruit snacks, which can be found at Walgreens)
  • Peanuts (make sure your guests do not have nut allergies before serving)


Guests can have a few options for drinks:
  • Peanuts Punch (fruit juicy red Hawaiian Punch)
  • Good Grief Green (green berry rush Hawaiian Punch)
  • Snoopy Slobber (water)
Each container used for our party was a 0.5 liter bottle. You can buy a 12-pack of these small bottles of water for less than $5.

The bottles for Peanuts Punch and Good Grief Green were emptied. While waiting for the bottles to dry, we created bottle labels using Peanuts-themed clip art and regular paper. Use the bottle's original label as a guide to cut your version of the label to size.

Before applying the new labels, fill your bottles with the two flavors of Hawaiian Punch. All you have to do now is rip off the water bottle's label and the glue left behind will be more than enough to make your own label stick.

The Cake

Search for "Snoopy cake pan" or "Peanuts cake pan" to see what kinds of cakes you can bake. Or buy a dog house cake pan and a Snoopy cake topper set.

For our party, we doubled the dog house cake pan recipe to make the dog house have a front and back. I found a Snoopy "Joe Cool" cake kit on eBay so Snoopy could stand outside of his dog house.

For extra flair to your Peanuts party, bake two chocolate chip cookie dough rolls to serve as the base for your cake. Bake them in square pans and they will look like dirt and rocks when they come out of the oven.

Place your completed dog house on top of the flat cookie dough after both have cooled. Snoopy's dog house now looks like it's on the ground. Use green frosting to fill in the grass, blue frosting to give Snoopy a pond and frost your dog house. Guests now have the option to eat Snoopy's dog house cake, frosted chocolate chip cookies or both!

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