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Bad Gifts for Mom

10 Gifts Mom May Not Want


She'll smile and say thanks, but there are bad gifts mom doesn't want. Avoid the gifts she won't use and find good gifts for mom.

But keep in mind that every mom is different. Evaluate each gift on the list to see if it's in line with mom's personality or completely opposite of her personal taste.

1. Re-Gifted Items

Isn't mom worth more to you than the wrapping paper it will cost you to re-gift one of your unwanted presents? Even if it's sealed and still brand new, mom should get more gifting attention than you just looking in your hall closet to see what's in there that you don't want.

2. Bad Jewelry

If it will turn mom's neck green in a few weeks, skip it. Invest in jewelry she can treasure forever, not something that will lose its sparkle or break before New Year's Eve. Also see if the jewelry has a warranty or maintenance plan so mom's gift is protected well after your purchase.

3. Perfumes and Lotions

Wait until Christmas morning to buy mom's present and she'll know it. Your selections will be limited to cheap perfumes and lotions. Mom doesn't want to announce her arrival to the room by the stench of her perfume. Take the time to shop beforehand so you can find a better quality fragrance or lotion for her to wear.

4. Self-Help Products

Picking on mom's appearance or attitude with self-help gifts isn't a good idea. After all, she's the one cooking your holiday feast! Exercise equipment, how to be a better mom books and anti-wrinkle products can be a serious blow to mom's ego if she hasn't specifically asked for them.

5. Cookware

Unless mom loves spending time in the kitchen, think: adores being in the kitchen so much she would rather sleep in front of her oven than in a warm bed, skip the cookware gifts. Just because mom is always in the kitchen cooking you food doesn't necessarily mean she wouldn't prefer something that will help her escape from casseroles and baked goods.

6. Cleaning Items

It's simple. Mom does not want a feather duster, a scrub brush, rubber gloves or a mop. Repeat three times: Mom does not want to open a "gift" filled with cleaning products.

7. Gifts You Want

Does Mom really, really want Guitar Hero or is this a gift you think she'll pass on to you because she has no use for it? Most of us have secretly given a gift to someone in hopes they'd hate it so we could keep it for ourselves. But we should splurge for our own gift and give mom something just for her. No Lady Gaga concert tickets for country music-loving mom or a gaming laptop for tech-challenged mom.

8. Gift Cards

Nothing says, "I couldn't think of anything else to give you," than a gift card ... especially one from a grocery store or discount store. Instead of loading mom up with a $20 gift card she might use on peanut butter, milk and dog biscuits, give mom a gift certificate for a spa day, 30-minute massage or a weekend of travel (her choice on where to escape!).

9. Money

Mom's been doling out money for years. Pay her back if you want but don't box it up and call it a gift. Mom would rather have a cheap sweater than a wrinkly Abraham Lincoln from your pocket.

10. Cliched

There are cliched gifts for every holiday. A shirt with an oversized Santa sewn on the front for Christmas or a bathrobe for Mother's Day are just a couple of examples. Move away from the cliches of the holiday to give mom something special instead of something every other mom is going to get too.
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