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10 Ways to Give Mom Gifts She Deserves

Irresistible Mom Gifts That Earn You Lots of Kisses


Buying mom gifts can feel like a chore. She does so much for her family you can't possibly think of a gift that shows her how much you love her. These 10 ideas help you give mom gifts she'll cherish.

Photo Gifts

Photo projects are heartwarming mom gifts
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Mom can't frown when she opens a family photo gift. An I Love You photo collage is special because kids and dad get to participate in making it together. Mom's calendar is always filled so let her see your family's smiling faces with a photo calendar. Or keep it simple with a photo mouse pad.

Special Getaway

The key to great mom gifts start with getaways
Photo © miamism / Flickr
How does a trip around the world sound? Expensive. Give mom a weekend getaway from her routine without breaking the bank. Plan a trip to take the whole family or book a romantic weekend just for mom and dad. Need to keep mom close to home? A day spa gives mom a mini-getaway but has her home in time for dinner ... just don't make her cook after her day of pampering.

Fashion Diaper Bags

Give mom gifts that make her look pretty like a fashion diaper bag
Photo © [177] / Flickr
Mom vaguely remembers carrying a pretty purse that matched her shoes. Now she's lugging a vinyl bag filled with diapers, wipes, creams, baby clothes, car keys, driver's license, money and anything else that can be stuffed inside. Designers understand this mom dilemma. Trendy diaper bags come with a price tag but there's a good selection of cute bags under $15 that will also make mom feel like a lady instead of a bellhop.
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Beauty Products

Beautiful mom gifts begin with cosmetics
Photo © lusi / stock.xchng
If mom's not a fan of makeup, you probably won't get the "gasping because I'm so excited" reaction you're expecting when she opens a box with a complete cosmetics kit inside. Of course, mom's pretty no matter what but if she likes to wear makeup, you have a wide selection of beauty products to give as gifts.
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A journal wakes up mom's creativity
Photo © typofi / stock.xchng
The connection of pen to paper is therapeutic. Journaling can also relieve stress. Moms have found many creative ways to use their journals. They might write messages to their children, share intimate thoughts about life or capture their mommy chronicles.
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Scrapbooking Supplies

Scrapbooking supplies give mom gifts she can use with the kids.
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Die-hard scrapbookers usually have a closet stocked full of supplies, which is why getting started as a scrapbooker can be intimidating. Moms who would like to get started but don't know how would love a gift of basic scrapbooking supplies. Once she creates her first scrapbook page, watch out. She'll be obsessed!
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Keepsake Jewelry

Mom gifts that always make her cry are beautiful pieces of jewelry
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Even when mom has no time or energy to doll herself up, she always finds a way to put on jewelry that means the world to her. Jewelry gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful, though. Find her an affordable charm bracelet or an inexpensive heart locket you can personalize with the word "Mom" so she can treasure the pictures of her family inside.
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Pocket Video Camera

Moms love pocket video camera gifts
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
How many times has mom tried to describe a kid moment, only to end with I wish I'd had a video camera? A pocket camcorder can be carried everywhere so she'll always have it on hand. Moms who blog will especially love this gift because they can easily upload the videos to their sites.
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Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorders are perfect mom gifts
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Have you noticed scraps of paper used for grocery lists? Sticky notes on the fridge? A calendar marked full of reminders? A digital voice recorder is the perfect gift for busy moms with a packed agenda. Many include separate folders like you would have on a computer. So instead of having to put all of her reminders, grocery lists and thoughts all together, she can separate each category into its own folder. This is one gift she'll quickly become addicted to because it's portable, easy to use and doesn't require her to hunt down pen and paper.
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iPods are fun gifts for moms on the go
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Mom spends a lot of time shuttling everyone where they need to go, cleaning the house and, sometimes, she gets to exercise or indulge in a hot bath. Choose an iPod to give her some tunes to listen to while she's going about her day. As a bonus gift, load her new iPod with some of her favorite songs before you give it to her.
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