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Kiss Nails Review

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Kiss Nails are a fast, affordable way to give your fingernails a new look.

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Kiss Nails are a wonderful way to give your nails an instant makeover. Moms of younger children will find they're not practical to wear all of the time because of how many hands-on activities you have to do with your kids. If your children are older, Kiss Nails is a better solution if you want to wear them the recommended 7 days before switching them out with a new set.

Pros of Kiss Nails

  • Salon-looking nails in about 15 minutes
  • Easy to apply
  • 28 nails included so you can find the right fit for your fingernail
  • A variety of designs

Cons of Kiss Nails

  • Can only be worn 7 days
  • Nails that get popped off during use might cause lifting of your natural nail
  • Lifting can weaken your natural nail

Kiss Nails Review

Moms wreak havoc on their fingernails. Pushing kids on the swings. Lugging a stroller in and out of the car. Playing ball in the backyard.

Gather a bunch of moms together and most of us will have boy-short nails. Kiss Nails transform those broken, chipped nubs into elegant, ladylike fingernails in just a few minutes.

I've used Kiss Nails several times now for special occasions. This time, for the purposes of this review, I wore nails from the Kiss Nails Real Short Everlasting French Square Nails Kit for 7 days as the package recommends and did everything I would normally do in my day-to-day functions as a mom.

The kit includes 28 nails, Pink gel glue, a manicure stick and a mini file. Target has the kits for about $5. Walgreens has the kits for close to $7.

This is much less than the $30-plus you would pay to have your nails done at a salon. Plus, you would have to keep going back to the salon about every 6 weeks to have your nails refilled.

Applying the nails is simple. The kit contains 28 numbered Kiss Nails so you can find the artificial nail that is the closest to the size of your natural nail.

When you're ready to glue the nail in place, cover the back of the artificial nail with the included glue and cover the top of your natural nail with glue. Be sure you cover each surface completely with glue or you will be able to see air pockets through the Kiss Nails after you've applied them.

Hold the artificial nail on top of your nail for 5 seconds and it's glued. Twist off the numbered tab from the artificial nail and file the nail if you wish. The total time to find your nail size, apply glue and then glue the nails in place takes about 10-15 minutes total for both hands.

My mom routine is fairly simple. However, I did have several nails pop off during my week:

  • Day 1 - No nails popped off.
  • Day 2 - Ring fingernail on left hand popped off during a diaper change.
  • Day 3 - Middle fingernail on left hand popped off folding the laundry.
  • Day 4 - Pinkie nail popped off getting ice out of the ice maker.
  • Day 5 - No nails popped off.
  • Day 6 - Middle fingernail on right hand popped off buckling baby's car seat.
  • Day 7 - Left index fingernail popped off somewhere in Target where I was, ironically, buying another set of Kiss Nails.

With the exception of the one I lost at Target, I was able to glue the nails that had popped off back on in just a few seconds. It's a good idea to carry the Pink glue with you in case you're away from home when your nail pops off. When each nail popped off, it didn't hurt but I knew I had lost one of my Kiss Nails.

Wearing Kiss Nails not only transforms the look of your nails, it's a bit of a confidence boost to know that your nails always look good. I caught myself looking at my hands a lot during the week.

To take your nails off, I recommend the Kiss Nails All or One Artificial Nail Remover (purchased separately from Kiss Nails kits). Another alternative is to dip your fingernails into acetone nail polish remover but it does take longer to get the nails off this way. I tried both methods and found the All or One Artificial Nail Remover to be quicker removing the nail as well as the glue that's left on your natural nail.

After removing Kiss Nails, I discovered that the nails that had popped off over the last week had suffered slight lifting on them, as if the force of them getting popped off my finger also took the top layer of my natural nail with them. Unfortunately, you can see where the lifting occurred on my natural nail.

Another downside is that those nails feel significantly weaker because that top layer of the nail is gone. My normally-strong nails are chipped and broken where the Kiss Nails popped off during my week of wearing them.

Despite some minor setbacks, using Kiss Nails has many advantages. They're temporary. They remove easily. They're affordable. They're beautiful.

Kiss Nails is a great product that has redefined press-on nails. Most moms will find they're not ideal to wear when you're hanging out with your kids every day. But they're a perfect solution for a date night or other special occasions.

This product was purchased from a local retail store for review. Cost before tax was $4.89.
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