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Winter Activities for Kids

10 Activities That Will Keep Kids Busy on a Cold, Winter Day


Ah, winter. The season that forces inside with a house full of children complaining that there's nothing to do. Solve those winter blues with these winter activities for kids.

1. Play a Life-Sized Board Game

A picture of a life sized board game
Photo © Apryl Duncan
You will win cool parent points when you set up a life-sized board game in your home. That doesn't mean you have to go out and buy materials to make your own game. You already have everything you need for this winter activity. Just check out all those cool toys your kids have accumulated over the years and put them to good use. You and your children will never look at board games the same way again.

2. Take Flight

A picture of a boy playing airplane
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Give your kids their own private jet. Take flight with airplane activities that are a great way to pass an afternoon away. Make your own plane tickets, board your flight, go somewhere exotic and create your own souvenirs to take with you on your return flight home. Last call for this flight of fun!

3. Explore Cultures of the World

A picture of a child eating a taco
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Which country should you visit today? Take the kids on an adventure around the world without ever leaving your house. Teach your kids about world cultures through themed days, authentic cuisine and even learning new languages. Kids really get into this activity and the whole family can learn something new while being trapped indoors during winter.

4. Practice Wall Art

A picture of a boy painting on the wall
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Art is one of those winter activities for kids that usually comes to mind when the weather outside isn't cooperating. But this form of art turns your wall into one giant canvas. Instead of being restricted to a small piece of paper or even a poster board, kids get to paint or color across the entire wall. This project will become so popular with your kids, they'll want to practice their wall art year-round.

5. Build a Website with Your Kids

A picture of a boy on the computer
Photo © Apryl Duncan
These days, it seems like kids know how to use computers before they're even out of diapers. Take that one step further. Teach them how to build a website. It doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about web design. There are plenty of free templates you can use to plug in a few bits of info and have a website up and running in an afternoon. Your kids can choose a topic that's interesting to them and they can cover it through photos and writing updates on their own site. It's one of those winter activities for kids that's disguised as a learning opportunity.

6. Jump for Indoor Hopscotch

A picture of a boy playing hopscotch
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Watch out! The minute you introduce indoor hopscotch to your kids, you can plan on playing it all year long regardless of the weather outside. The rules are the same as playing outside. The indoor version lets you create unique board designs using painter's tape or masking tape.

7. Create an "I Ruff You" Foam Dog

A picture of a foam dog project
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Valentine's Day is in the heart of winter and you can never go wrong with Valentine's Day activities for the kids. The "I Ruff You" foam dog is an adorable gift to give to dad or the grandparents for the big day. This sweet pup is entirely made of hearts you and the kids cut using foam sheets of paper. There's even space for the kids to write a personal message on the heart the dog is holding in his heart paws.

8. Shoot an "I Love You" Photo Collage

A picture of a collage
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Winter activities for kids should always include a photo project. The "I Love You" photo collage is a creative activity you can spend days or weeks on and it makes a great gift for your family members too. If your kids are old enough to operate the camera, they can manage the photo-taking themselves. You'll need to help them with the layout and design process or use a photo service that offers many types of layouts to complete the project.

9. Turn Your House into a Movie Theater

A picture of a family watching a movie
Photo © David Buffington / Getty Images
All of these winter activities for kids can leave you wanting a little bit of a break. No problem. Turn your house into a movie theater one afternoon. Instead of plopping the kids on the couch and starting a DVD, though, let them get the full movie theater experience. Let them open a concession stand, ticket booth and have the ushers show you to your seat. You deserve some VIP treatment.

10. Try Kids' Building Projects

A picture of a girl building a project
Photo © 007NASCARCovert / Flickr
You don't have to be crafty or creative to encourage your kids to try age-appropriate building projects. Buy a model car, a dollhouse or a birdhouse to put together. It doesn't matter as long as you and your children have fun together. Or take them out for some building fun. Attend one of Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops or Home Depot's Kids Workshops. Both give your kids a building project to try with all materials included. And it's absolutely free!
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