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Fun Exercises for Moms

How to Keep Active While Raising Your Kids


A picture of a mom going on a bike ride with her kids

Bike your way to a better you with the kids in tow.

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Your kids have a secret. They know how to have fun while exercising. Follow their lead with fun exercises moms can work into their normal, every day routines.

Fun Exercises for Moms: Play in the Yard

You know that magical moment when the kids are playing in the yard and you get to sit down for a few minutes? There's nothing wrong with taking a little time for yourself but don't get too comfortable.

Get out there and play with your kids. Hide and seek, hopscotch, cops and robbers -- it doesn't matter which outdoor games you play. They're all fun exercises for moms and children too.

Just get up and run around with them to get active. And while you're having a good time with your kids, just remember, you can burn up to 40 calories for every 15 minutes you laugh. Laugh and play? How can you resist?

Fun Exercises for Moms: Hit the Playground

Those park benches are so inviting at the playground. But your kids' favorite playground can become your favorite workout center.

Crawl through the tunnels. Climb up the stairs. Go down the slide. Do everything your kids do.

Sure, some of the parents parked on the benches may look at you funny but most of them will think you must be the coolest mom ever. They'll also wonder where you get your energy!

Fun Exercises for Moms: Throw a Dance Party

It's 2 p.m. Everyone's had lunch. It's that lull in the day when you start considering letting the kids play video games so you can take a mini-break on the couch.

That can only mean one thing: It's time for a dance party.

Crank up the music and burn off some calories dancing with your kids. Dance freestyle to some fast-paced workout songs or pop in a Zumba DVD to follow the expert dancers who can help you burn some serious calories.

Just have fun and don't worry about looking like you have two left feet. No one's going to judge you or kick you off the latest dance show competition.

Fun Exercises for Moms: Take a Walk

One of the best workouts for women is walking. Put the little ones in the stroller. Get the bigger ones off the couch and out the door. Go on a walk together.

Walk at a normal pace. Then walk fast. Walk up hills. Slow down again. Just walk. Walking speeds up your metabolism and you can take step after step to walk off the weight.

Fun Exercises for Moms: Pedal It Out

Your kids hop on their bikes and pedal away. Catch up with them. Bike your way to a better body, even if you're only riding around the streets in your neighborhood.

Don't think you can ride your bike because you've got babies who can't yet ride their own bicycles? Put them in a bike buggy and they'll tag along with you.

No more excuses! Just get out there and play your way to a healthier you.

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