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Spin Class for Moms

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Bike your way to a new you in spin class.

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The Bottom Line

Spin class gives moms a challenging way to pedal away those unwanted pounds. This isn't a leisurely ride on an exercise bike. You can burn hundreds of calories in a typical 45-75 minute spin class session.


  • Great way to exercise in a group setting.
  • Music is used to coordinate your workout with the rhythm of the song.
  • Different exercises help tone your total body.
  • If you can't keep up with the class, it's easy to fall back and go at your own pace.


  • Can be strenuous exercise that's hard on your hips, back and knees.
  • Spin classes are very popular and require you to arrive early to reserve your bike.
  • May be boring to people who are used to riding bicycles outside.


  • Group workout class that uses stationary exercise bikes.
  • Most classes last between 45 to 75 minutes.
  • Spin class is popular so you can easily find one at your local gym or YMCA.

Guide Review - Spin Class for Moms

Moms who love to ride bicycles usually don't get much of a workout when they're biking with their kids. Whether you're pulling a bike trailer or following the slow-turning training wheels on your kids' bikes, you don't move very fast and get the workout you would like to get credit for on your bike.

Spin class gives you 45-75 minutes of that alone time with an exercise bike. Although it's not the same as a scenic bike ride through the mountains, you can at least get a similar workout as if you were riding your bike on difficult terrain.

Spin class is guided by an instructor who sets the stage with great workout songs. A good spin class instructor will motivate you throughout your workout, switch up the songs so you're exercising to different rhythms and cue you when you need to increase or decrease the resistance of your bike.

You start off slow to warm up and then, throughout your workout, you'll use your exercise bike's resistance to simulate steep hills and stretches of flat land. Class will get very intense as the minutes tick by.

As tempted as you are to keep up with everyone else, take it slow if it's your first time participating in this class. Otherwise, you may be able to complete the class but you won't feel like doing anything for days because your body will be so sore.

Some of the people you'll find in spin class have been going for years so their bodies are more conditioned to the exercise bike. Others are actually training for marathons or triathlons. But spin class also attracts its fair share of moms just looking to shed some post-baby weight.

That's what's great about spin class. Everyone's goals are different and so are their fitness levels but spin class can cater to them all.

You'll find plenty of body types in spin class too. Short, tall, overweight, fit. You don't have to feel uncomfortable. You just have to remember that no matter what your body type, treat it as you would any other exercise class and set your own pace.

Although you might expect that spin class would only work your legs, you'll actually feel the workout in your back, abs and even in your arms. It's a rigorous workout that pushes you to climb that pretend hill and breathe a sigh of relief when you hit the flat patch of land.

You'll either love spin class or you'll hate it. But you have to try it to find out.

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