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Some of the best girls night memories are made when you get together at home instead of going out. Do you have a dessert party or gather around the TV to watch a Lifetime movie? Tell others what you and your girlfriends do when it's time to take a break from the kids and enjoy a girls night in.

Celebrate each others bday as a night in

Each month it is a fun way to celebrate as adults each others birthdays... get together having a chocolate n wine tasting, facials, girlie movies, and each of us bring a favorite snack. And the hostess has her husband and kids go to another husbands house for some quality guy/kid time!
—Guest JSKI

Girls' Night StoryClub

Gather your girlfriends. Grab some wine. Crack open a StoryClub game and have a hilarious experience writing a story together.
—Guest Marcie Jacobs

Play Bingo Online

I recently had a ladies night in playing bingo online. It might sound sad, but it is great fun! We all took our laptops to one house and sat around a massive table, had a few bottle's of wine and played bingo... There are lots of great welcome bonuses to be had, so you don't have to spend a fortune, plus you may also win.
—Guest Julie

Girls Gourmet Night

I had the idea to create a little group get together once per month where each guest brings a gourmet food item that they made along with the printed recipe on index cards to share. Everyone brings something different from smoked salmon spread on toasted bagel chips, to homemade sushi maki rolls, to mixed berries in chocolate dessert cups. It's an evening of good food and drinks where the host isn't pressured into having to prepare gourmet food for a big group of hungry ladies. At the end of each night everyone swaps recipes from the dished that were brought so we can all try to make them at home. Each month, someone different in the group hosts the party and sends out an email reminder.
—Guest Amanda

have some fun

For my last girls night in we just made the men watch the kids and stayed in my place. First we did each other's nails and when they were done we put on some old chick flicks, had popcorn and chips and just had a blast. The next day we stayed in bed till 2pm and around 5pm we got all dolled up and went out shopping. We brought our stuff to my house and at 11pm we went out for drinks in the club.
—Guest pretty princess

Slumber Party

I wanted to have a girls night in so I decided on a slumber party themed night. The ladies came over in their pajamas, we made homemade pizza with ice cream for dessert, we did facials and nails, and watched our favorite shows that had been dvr'd! To add a little fun one of the girls brought some pumpkin flavored beer! Perfect!
—Guest Melissa

Girls Night In Ideas

My favorite girls night in ideas is to "keep it simple"... Just tell the girls to show up at your house with a bottle of wine and the time.
—Guest Erin

Jewelry/Lingerie Party

My friends alternate who hosts a jewelry/lingerie party by Latasia a few times a year. The hostess earns free beautiful jewelry and the guests get brand new sparkly items to add to their colletions. There are lots of games you can play to mix it up and have lots of laughs.

Decorating Wineglasses

For girls night we decorated our own wineglasses...we had a blast and we came up with some great ideas!
—Guest Missy

Your Girls Night Ideas

Sit around and talk. You can pass as much time with the girls as you want. You can share secrets and confide in each other. Women with real friendships do talk about their dreams and challenges and that is charming and respecting, sharing the time with your friends all night in a closed room.
—Guest Rashid Pervez

Romance Parties

Romance parties are a fun, unique evening that you will never forget. They are classy and educational, and you might win some free stuff!
—Guest Jen

Love movies and cries

You all ways need a little snack and a love movie to make you cry.
—Guest sky harmony

Different twist

We have done the usual movie night, but last time we did a makeover and had a professional photographer take some glamor shots of us all dolled up.
—Guest Mary

Specialty Parties

Our playgroup has many moms who are trying to earn some side money or we know someone who is. We'll spend about half an hour looking at Tupperware, makeup, jewelry, things like that. When the pizza arrives, the goods go away. That's the rule and no one gets pressured to buy anything. We usually watch a movie or play board games afterward.
—Guest Lisa

Girls Night Sleepover

My friends and I have a sleepover every few months. The host mom's husband takes the kids away for a night to grandma's, camping or to one of our husband's houses. We act silly and veg in front of the TV in our pajamas. It's a fun way to get out of the house or have friends over for a little so you can all relax. The husbands get to spend quality time with their kids too. No complaints out of them yet!
—Guest Abby

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